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Emergency Response Effort Directed To a Major Aircraft Mishap (Aircraft Crash and Emergency Management) - Research Paper Example

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The paper aims to discuss the crash of United Airlines Flight 232 at the airport of Sioux City. The flight had failed in its operation due to improper functioning of hydraulic systems. For this reason, an unfavorable condition had raised that forced the crew members to make emergency landing. …
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Emergency Response Effort Directed To a Major Aircraft Mishap (Aircraft Crash and Emergency Management)
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Extract of sample "Emergency Response Effort Directed To a Major Aircraft Mishap (Aircraft Crash and Emergency Management)"

Download file to see previous pages The Sioux Airport after recognizing the situation informed the entire rescue agencies to reach the place immediately where flight had landed. Following the crash, the rescue members had performed effectively to save the passengers. The fire fighters had performed efficiently to fight the disaster. Despite huge challenges, the emergency plan was operated in an effective manner as the airport emergency facility had already planned to combat if there was any occurrence of disaster.

1.0 Introduction

United Airlines Flight 232 had left for Chicago on 19 July of 1989. The three hydraulic systems of the airplane had failed to operate after covering a certain distance. Sudden explosion had occurred which had shook the entire airplane. Finally, it was determined that one of the engines of the flight had failed. Due to the imbalance of such parts of the airplane, disaster occurred (Bibel, 2008).
In this study, entire events that had taken place before and after the crash have been discussed. The role of emergency plan and that of the firefighter during the incident of the crash have been included. The problems that were faced by the rescuers during rescue are identified. The processes and the steps have been determined that had been adopted and implemented by emergency plan throughout the rescue process. The role of fighters in extinguishing the fire and the way they rescued the passengers is included. The paper also explains the role of emergency rescue in improving the rescue process of the passengers. 2.0 Events Leading To Before and After Wreck United Airlines Flight 232 had no problem in its ‘tail mounted engine’. It was checked properly one year before the crash. However, on 19 July, 1989, a sudden problem raised in that part of the airplane causing catastrophic failure due to prolonged exhaustion pressure. A sound of crash was heard from the mounted engine of aircraft’s tail. At that time, a failure had occurred in the engine fan assembly which had broken the fan blades into sharp pieces and sent the parts of the engine by means of right horizontal stabilizer. Crew at that moment identified that the hydraulic system that controls the aircraft was out of control. The captain tried to land the flight immediately at the nearest airport named as Sioux City Gateway Airport (Conroy, 2005). The first as well as second hydraulic systems were split with the first outburst of engine. The gashes of the hydraulic lines as well as missing parts of the systems lost pressure and hydraulic fluid entered in the entire systems. After the explosion had taken place the hydraulic fluid had totally drained out (NASA, 2008). In-flight emergency, after receiving information about the flight, sent five ARFF (Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting) vehicles. The vehicles determined that the aircraft could not reach the airport and might crash. It was recognized that aircraft might land on runway 31 and as a result ARFF vehicles took their positions in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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