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TITLE Name Institution Course *for you to complete, please SECTION ONE Question Two David S. Landes in his essay, “What Do Bosses Really Do?” writes in direct response to the work of Stephen A. Marglin, with particular focus on the claims Marglin makes in his work: “What Do Bosses Do?…
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Answer my questions that i will attached
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Download file to see previous pages This position of control is not a productive one – it “guarantees the owner a part in the process of production” (Marglin, 1974: 62) and ensures that the owner can accumulate wealth. Secondly, the factory system, Landes summarizes Marglin, was a disciplinary system only geared toward discipline, control and supervision of workers. Marglin goes further to argue that this was the primary focus of the factory: to ensure the power of the capitalist, rather than to maximize the economic or technological efficiency of the production process (Marglin, 1974: 84). To some degree, the arguments Marglin presents do present an approach diametrically opposed to those of Landes, and indeed seem to be largely ideological in their aim. He claims, for example, that factory work is necessarily alienating, because the producer must take orders from the capitalist in the factory system (ibid. at: 61). This alienation of the producer form his work also fits into the traditional social hierarchies of society, ensuring that only a “very few at the top of the pyramid” (ibid. at: 60) are able to attain self-expression in their work. Additionally, Marglin equates the wage-advance system to a kind of diabolical plan. The capitalist binds the worker legally to his “master” (ibid. ...
He quotes particularly the work of Adam Smith, “The Wealth of Nations” in his argument to support reasons contrasting those of Marglin to explain the development of division of labor through specialization and the development of the factory system. Specialization may have been a necessity to ensure that the worker increased dexterity and efficiency in the execution of the job. Time was saved, as the producer would not have to set up the process, or re-set up the new task. With simplified tasks, the worker’s techniques could improve, to increase the efficiency of production (Landes, 1986: 587, 591). This argument is extended to explain the surge in new industrial invention: the repetitive tasks workers were completing suggested the invention of machines able to perform the same tasks. In factory setups, cheaper labor could be hired to perform more menial tasks, machines could supplement output and perform repetitive task, and the capitalist would benefit because the specialized worker’s output would consequently be greater (ibid. at: 604). The advantage for producers was that they would not have the energy, materials, space, tools and machinery or security and environmental costs related to industrial production (ibid. at: 604). The producer was also able to focus time and energy on the product manufacture only (ibid. at: 597, 598, and 604). It is evident, hence, that Landes proposes that the capitalist is integral to the process of production, not just an accumulative figure unrelated to the production process (ibid. at: 585). The employer organizes the process toward the production of a marketable product, ensures the sale and distribution of that product, and provides conditions – factory space, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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