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Helping the Youths Today - Research Paper Example

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Youth Crime Prevention Program No: Date: University: Youth Crime Prevention Program Crime is present in every society and affects the younger population of the society to a destructive extent. Youth crime prevention programs are a solution to handle the increasing rate of crime in any region…
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Helping the Youths Today
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"Helping the Youths Today"

Download file to see previous pages One of such programs is Kops n Kids program, which is designed for the facilitation of youth. This paper will discuss the youth crime prevention program named as Kops n Kids program by critically analyzing the program in depth. Kops n kids program is a program against violence and crime. Violence and crime are prevalent in all societies and young people get affected the most due to which, they must be given training for crime prevention. Mendel (2000) claims that “the road to violence begins in childhood”, which is exactly true as young people are prone to dangers more easily. This is the reason as to why crime prevention programs should be there for the youth. Young people should be given a chance to express their views on crime prevention strategies. The youth must be able to analyze adults such as law enforcement personnel as role models and should be having an active communication link with them. A society needs everyone to make it better whether the participants are young or adult. Involvement of police personnel is must to make the crime prevention programs successfully implementable (Elliott, 1998). Therefore, the Kops n Kids program involves law enforcement professionals to make the program successful. Kops and kids program can be described as a program that is for the purpose of providing mentors for the young people so that they can gain awareness about the crime and right strategies to control crime. According to the website (2011), Kops n kids program deals with the comprehensibility of drugs, alcohol and gang making and after gaining understanding, various strategies for prevention of these crimes are considered. The age group of involved young population ranges from nine to thirteen years. The police and other law enforcement officials are encouraged to be a volunteer for the youth. They can be mentors and can prove as a role model for the youth. The mentors work as instructors who educate the young participants of the program about the hazards of becoming engaged in criminal activities such as drug and alcohol usage and becoming a part of gang for doing other criminal or illegal activities (, 2011). In Kops n Kids program, young participants are not only involved in discussions but they are also encouraged to take part in sport events. Efforts are done towards facilitating the youth towards personality building as the young participants are taught to work as a team and keep their own respect among many others (, 2011). These strategies are for the betterment of young population and encourage them to be a better citizen of the country. The youth gain the strength to reject any wrong steps moving towards them. They are supported to become strong individuals so that they can be able to handle any drug, alcohol or gang related issue. Young people can stay away from drug or alcohol dependence and can lead a life that is free from hostility and brutality. They can opt for the right and shun what is wrong and this is the motive of the program (, 2011). Kops n kids program is designed for character and personality building of young population. They are provided with mentors that are eligible to be a role model for the young people involved in the program. The mentors can work towards crime prevention and can take essential and supportive step towards enabling the young people to become such ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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