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Basic Network Technology, Structure, and Protocols - Research Paper Example

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BASIC NETWORK TECHNOLOGY, STRUCTURE, AND PROTOCOLS Basic Network Technology, Structure, and Protocols Author Author Affiliation Date Networking is the way of linking two or more computer systems, devices or even networks jointly with the intention of distributing and sharing useful information and data…
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Basic Network Technology, Structure, and Protocols
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"Basic Network Technology, Structure, and Protocols"

Download file to see previous pages Moreover, the Internet is known as the world’s biggest public WAN and it is too a type of network (Mitchell, 2011) and (FREETECHEXAMS, 2011). There are diverse kinds of networking, for example there are WANs (wide area networks) or LANs (local area networks). However, the dissimilarity among these two depends on their coverage. Additionally, networks can as well be dissimilar in their arrangement and design. In addition, there are various other types as well for instance server/client networks and peer-to-peer networks. Moreover, in some scenarios client/server based networks are inclined to be central by means of the majority processes being maintained by the centralized or key system. On the other hand, the Peer-to-peer networks are composed of computers that facilitate the similar processes as well as are able to transmit data and information to each other (FREETECHEXAMS, 2011) and (Mitchell, 2011). The purpose of networks is to offer data sharing and communication services, for this reason there are some established communication standards those are implemented through protocols. In this scenario, the protocols are similar to the policies and regulations for the processes of the network. In addition, a network can use different protocols depending on the situation, for example TCP/IP, the majority widespread protocol established for the communication on internet as well as in small level networks. Moreover, the networks can be classified as wireless or wired networks. In this scenario, the majority of protocols intended for wired networks are as well facilitated and corroborated by wireless networks. Furthermore, wired networks have been established a long time ago as compared to wireless networks. However, with developments in technology wireless networks are improving and turning out to be more widespread and trustworthy (FREETECHEXAMS, 2011) and (Mitchell, 2011). At the present, networks are used everywhere. From our home telephone lines to TV connection we are surrounded with communication networks. These networks are able to offer us a lot of facilities and services in form of information and data sharing. On the other hand, majority of the people still do not have any knowledge about the network technology and what are the basic skills behind the scene. In this scenario, there is an awful need of educating people about the network technology and teaching people about this technology based system. For this purpose, TV and internet are the prime means of technology based communication. In addition, through these means we communicate with people as well as transfer data and information. Moreover, we can develop a program based on the presentation which can offer a great deal of support regarding information sharing and data distribution at the network level for guiding the people (FREETECHEXAMS, 2011), (Nash, 2000) and (Mitchell, 2011). However, there are some issues associated with each technology. In the same way, the latest network technologies are also experiencing some of the issues those are hindering in the overall progress and possible evolution of the technology. In this scenario, security in case of network environment is taken as one of the prime factors regarding the network technology and communication. Moreover, these issues become more critical in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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