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Integrative Project 3 - Assignment Example

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Technological developments over the past several years have opened up possibilities for everyone from individuals to schools to businesses. Technologies such as tablet computers, scanners, Palm Tops and PDAs offer people new ways of communicating. These new devices allow people to communicate quicker and better…
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Integrative Project Assignment 3
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"Integrative Project 3"

Download file to see previous pages The primary strength of the company is its strong presence in the market. The brand utilizing the shelter of HP has a high global presence which helps it market the brand effectively. The Palm from HP is a device combining a mobile phone, (a separate product from HP) including touch controls, and a device enabled to communicate through internet (HP Annual Report , 2010). The Palm is based on HP’s Multi-touch user interface giving facilities of fast email, web browsing and many other features at a world class format. The device is compatible with both windows based PCs as well as Macintosh PCs. It also has a searching and maps feature used to give directions by connecting through internet. Palm compared to its competitors has more variety of smartphones compared to that of Apple and HP under its brand name. Recently the company had launched a new operating system named Palm series for smartphones which distinguishes it from the other brands in the same category along with giving a disntingushed yet powerful experience to its users. Majority of the company’s phones that are launched or had been launched in the market are equipped with multimedia capabilities, having music, high resolution camera, HD playback, high resolution gaming and access to applications with the help of HP App world. The range of smartphones by HP is certainly higher as compared to that of HP’s Palm. Also within every series of HP, there are 2-3 models for the customers to choose from. Strong distribution channel is also one of the characteristic features of the HP. The synchronization of HP is considered to be far better than that of Palm. The best example for this is calendar synchronization. The HP automatically adjusts any changes in time and date whenever such changes are made in the desktop that is connected to the phones whereas synchronizing contact and calendar information in Palm is not an easy process. The primary feature that Palm has a upper hand is its accessibility through the use of touch screen which gives the user a real time experience with the picture quality of more than 25K pixels per inch of the smarphone. This can be regarded as the best in the industry. However, HP with faster operating systems and innovative technologies is constantly trying to match with that. The most attractive part of technology is often the much more rapid speed by which it can communicate what its manual counterparts cannot. From their tablet computers, from all over the world, a person can contact clients, business partners, family, and friends. Additionally, it allows for instant updates during communication. While a phone call may require waiting until someone is available on the phone or mailing a letter through the post office, technology allows the interaction and the update to be instant. The speed also enhances the decision-making process. Communication may involve important decisions that need to be made quickly, especially in a business context. Before, a person may have had to go back to senior executives before finalizing a decision. Now, technology allows instant communication no matter where they are, including scanning and sending relevant documents such as contracts and instant transcription of the conversation if needed. Communication can become faster with the advent of technology. The technologies offer numerous opportunities to save money and increase productivity, thereby increasing the efficiency. The ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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