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Leadership in Business Management “Leaders aren’t born, they are made. And they are made just like anything else, through hard work. And that’s the price we’ll have to pay to achieve that goal, or any goal.” -Vince Lombardi Leadership is an ability to inspire and motivate people to align their interest…
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Leadership in business management
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Download file to see previous pages He is like a captain of the ship. He or she brings all team members on a proper track of their objectives. The efficient leaders are needed in every organization for attaining both small scale and large scale goals. While describing the importance of the leadership, Marlene Caroselli, in her book, “Leadership Skills for Managers, says, “It is easy to make money. But leaders strive to make a difference. They are willing to make sacrifices and to inspire others to do the same.” [1] According to Peter Northouse, leadership is “a process of whereby an influences a group of individuals to achieve a common goal.”[2] Qualities of an ideal leader: There are five major traits or qualities of an ideal leader. Honesty Visionary Competent Inspiring Intelligent The great freedom fighter of India and the father of India Mahatma Gandhi was a perfect leader who had all the above mentioned traits in him. So he has always been the source of inspiration not only for the Indians but from the people all over the world. The uniqueness of his leadership lay in his unique doctrine of non-violence which was later adopted by Martin Luther King and many other leaders from all over the world. Leadership has the different styles like autocratic leadership, democratic leadership and free rein leadership. And the popularity of the leaders lies upon what method he uses in different circumstances. Napoleon was one of the most famous leaders in the world. He was a man of great vision and he would win the battle on the basis of this vision. Both Mahatma Gandhi and Napoleon understood the importance of winning people. Characteristics of good and bad leadership The success of any institution or any organization depends upon the leadership of that institution. Good leadership can shape the future while bad leadership can create disaster. Examples are two opposite leaders Mahatma Gandhi and Hitler. With an extraordinary unique and ideal leadership Mahatma Gandhi won the war of freedom. He fought the war with the unusual weapon of non violence and so his war is the only war which is known as a bloodless war. On the other hand Adolph Hitler’s leadership totally tends towards dictatorship, violence and bloodshed which led the people of Germany into anarchy and deterioration. The leader decides the future of his institute. Bad Leadership : Major Attributes Bad leadership is associated with the incompetence of the leader. While talking about the incompetence of the leadership, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, in his speech says, “Incompetent leaders are not necessarily incompetent in every aspect. Moreover, there are many ways of being incompetent. Some leaders lack practical, academic, or emotional intelligence.” Rigid leadership also is an example of bad leadership. The rigid leader is not ready to accept the changes. The changes are inevitable and they must be accepted and accordingly the leaders should adapt them. Adaptability means accepting the changes and adjusts ourselves according to the changing mode of circumstances. But if the leadership is rigid and refuse to accept the changes, the organization cannot survive in the modern world which tends to change consistently. Intemperate leadership is also risky for the organization. When the leader completely losses his control and is aided by his followers then he is no more capable of leading the people. Barbara Kellerman in her book “Bad Leadership,” ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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