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Immigration Policies vs. Influences from a Criminal Justice Perspective - Dissertation Example

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Topic: America’s Immigration Policies Instructor: Introduction Immigration policies in any given country are mainly aimed at ensuring that the process of transit of persons across the boarders of a country is adequately and effectively dealt with…
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Immigration Policies vs. Influences from a Criminal Justice Perspective
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"Immigration Policies vs. Influences from a Criminal Justice Perspective"

Download file to see previous pages The type of policy that is chosen by a country ought to be in line with the societal goals that they do intend to achieve. In most of the cases, as it is mentioned by Taksa, (2001) either religious or racial bias is tied to the immigration policy that a country is dealing with. Despite the fact that immigration policies do vary from one country to another DeLaet, (2000) illustrates in his work that the most vital aspect that is addressed in immigration policies is the issue of refugees and the manner in which they are treated in the host country. The refugees are the homeless and helpless people who seek refuge in these new countries as their mother countries lack any hopes of survival. The policies that are used to address such kind of societal and more of ethnic issues are the ones that comprise the most important part of immigration polices as per Farley, (2008) analysis. It is also brought to attention that the rise of terrorism in the globe today has brought with it very many consequences. National Immigration Forum (U.S.) (2000) states that terrorism is the main reason as to why national securities have been tightened more and more. This is an aspect that too has brought very massive consequences that can never be ignored by any country in making its policies to address the issue of immigration. America’s Immigration Policies vs. Influences from a Criminal Justice Perspective The United States of America is a country that has been a product of generations of immigrants alongside their descendants. In spite of this outstanding history that the country has in terms of immigrants and policies that have been strategized for them, the country has been on the spot for mishandling policies that deal with immigration. Consequentially report by Rosenblum, (2000) indicates that the United States of America stands at a very compromising spot in the globe in as far as its management of immigration policies is concerned. On the other hand though, it is worth mentioning that the openness that the United States of America has had with its immigration policy has been key to a lot of economic prosperity and military power that it has in the global arena today. Immigration policies have become very crucial in the global world today where technology, trade and travel have taken a very huge step on being the main economic activities globally. America’s immigration policies have therefore to be carefully considered factoring in the fact that the three main economic pillars in the world today are being a serious determinant of the economic and military strength that a country does have. It is therefore a great reality as per the sentiments that are put forward by Bustamante, (2002) indicating that with more failure to not only strategize but also implement sound and sustainable policies of immigration, the United States of America faces a massive threat of being a weak economy not only with an imperiled national security but also jeopardized diplomacy. The importance of immigration policies in America cannot at all be undermined because of the fact that immigration actually comes as one of the greatest stories of success that America can actually talk of. After welcoming very large numbers of immigrants, America has continued to enjoy a highly productive employment force and people well integrated into America’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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