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Discuss the influence of historical designers on current contemporary interior design - Assignment Example

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Donna Purcell Order 536204 15 May 2011 How the Influence of Historical Designers Affects Todays’ Contemporary Interior Designs How exactly did the profession of Interior Design begin? The history of interior design has a definite influence on the contemporary designs of today…
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Discuss the influence of historical designers on current contemporary interior design
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Download file to see previous pages The more interior designers became recognized as professionals, they began to rely on history and its concepts to create great results. This was seen in the decorating of some of the historic London mansions. History began to reflect in the designs as a way of preserving the past but yet looking toward the future. The Ancient Romans brought an influence of interiors when they demanded comfort, luxury and wealth. These are the basic elements that influence designers all over the world today. Tapestries, stonework, and lavish decorations remain popular today in other parts of the world as well as London. The ancient Romans loved quality textiles and expensive fabrics. The earliest designers emerged from the Roman Empire, however, were not given the label professional designers during that historical period. After Rome’s’ collapse, the church assumed power and many of the most creative designers were discouraged from change. Many lavish interiors were changed to quiet and simple oak panels with dark lines and more defined edges. This influence was seen all over Europe – from London to Italy. The Renaissance period emerged with many professional French inspired designers. Just as the Renaissance period brought many modern artists to the forefront, so did the profession of interior design. ...
The actual profession of Interior Designers did not become known until later when it emerged from its domestic connections through education, standard setting, codes of conduct and granting of degrees. Trade and professional organizations began to form, which brought related publications such as textbooks and trade journals. Some of the earlier influences began with simple forms and visible construction as seen in many of the designs. They emphasized the quality of construction of the materials. The British influences started with floral or fauna prints and used the domestic scenes of the British countryside. Much of this is seen in the earlier wallpapers. Some earlier designers had workshops in rural areas, and used older quality workmanship techniques. The Gothic Period was a definite influence in the 1800s with the use of bold colors and bold forms. The Gothic Revival claimed a belief in the “moral purpose of art.” As a part of the Gothic Revival, designers remained true to material, structure, and function of their designs. The style known as the Arts and Crafts came about partly as a reaction against the style of many items shown in the Great Exhibition of 1851. These items were very ornate, artificial, and ignored the quality of the materials used. The art historian Nikolaus Pevsner said that this exhibition showed “ignorance of the basic need in creating patterns, the integrity of the surface,” and “vulgarity in detail.” This exhibition brought about design reform from the organizers of the exhibition itself. Some of the organizers were Henry Cole, Owen Jones, Matthew Digby Wyatt and Richard Redgrave. They began to set standards for designs in order to preserve the workmanship ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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