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The importance of exercise for a healthy life style - Research Paper Example

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The Importance of Exercise for a Healthy Life Style [Author’s Name] Thesis Statement Regular exercise has many health benefits, including improvements in physical health, and reduction of risk factors for several diseases and other chronic illnesses…
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The importance of exercise for a healthy life style
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"The importance of exercise for a healthy life style"

Download file to see previous pages Previous reports by the Surgeon General were delivered on topics such as the adverse health consequences of smoking, nutrition, violence, and HIV/AIDS. These reports heightened the public's awareness of these important health issues and led the way for major public health initiatives (Miller 1). Dr. Manley described the 1996 Surgeon General's first Report on Physical Activity and Health as more than just a summary of the science but also as a national call to action. Physical activity now joined sound nutrition, seat belt use, and the negative health effects of tobacco use as essential health objectives for the nation. Dr. Manley ascertained that due to the direct relationship between physical activity and disease prevention and premature death, Americans must get serious about their commitment to healthy physical activity (Miller 1). Sedentary lifestyle or inactivity is a major contributor to obesity and being overweight as well as to numerous other diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, and certain cancers. There is a growing body of literature indicating that regular physical exercise may prove beneficial in lessening the consequences or preventing the onset of a wide range of disease and chronic conditions (Jonker 38- 43; Pinto 247). Exercise and Physical Health According to the Surgeon General, due to lifestyle and dietary changes, obesity and overweight have reached epidemic proportions in United States. While there are numerous reasons for the overweight and obesity epidemic, it is undisputed that nutritional habits as well as physical inactivity are major contributors to the problem. Blair and Brodney (1999) reported that epidemiological studies consistently showed that active persons were protected against the health risks of being overweight or obese and actually had lesser mortality and morbidity. Regular physical activity resulted in positive metabolic changes that appeared to provide part of the protection against disease. Since these positive metabolic changes were found to occur independently of body composition changes, the authors suggested the promotion of physical activity without an emphasis on weight changes, thus avoiding the frustration many obese individuals feel toward exercise since their efforts often do not lead to changes in weight or body composition. Brodney et al. (459- 467) examined the nutritional habits of men and women across three fitness categories (high, moderate, and low) and compared their nutritional intake to the national dietary recommendations. Results showed that both women and men with increased fitness levels consume diets with a significantly lower percent of calories derived from fat and saturated fat, had significantly higher dietary fiber intake and significantly lower cholesterol intake than did those less fit individuals. The more fit individuals consumed diets that more closely aligned with the national dietary recommendations. The Surgeon General (USDHHS, 1996) reported that people who are more active were also less likely to be obese, since exercise does not always result in increased appetite. This may be due in part to increased energy expenditures without the increase in appetite. However, in general, studies have shown that from exercise alone people do not lose significant amounts of weight but rather lose more weight through a mixture of exercise and diet. Contrary to these studies, which indicated that a combination of diet and exercise were the best ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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