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Number Two Research Proposal - Assignment Example

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Order 533236 Bernhard Bierlich, Ph.D. 05.14.11 value $55 Completed: 20:25 Community support groups for the elderly: Possibilities of improved care and health behaviour CONTENTS Introduction Research question and hypothesis in the two articles Background Literature review Design and sample Methodology Results: Data analysis and discussion Conclusion References Introduction This research proposal discusses the value of community support groups for the elderly and their sense of wellbeing and self-esteem…
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Assignment Number Two Research Proposal
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"Number Two Research Proposal"

Download file to see previous pages This has not only psychological and social but also economic dimensions as these issues also refer to an economic burden on an often already-strained health care system. In order to answer these issues that involve many psychological questions the suggestion is to answer these, i.e. the value of community support groups, by organising these around core questions into the perception of the care received by the elderly (“therapeutic efficacy”), their satisfaction with care given by health care personnel, feelings of being respected as real human beings, the role of family, friends and the community in fulfilling one’s needs for respect and improve one’s wellbeing, and to describe possible grievances regarding the encounter with the medical profession. Answers to these questions are assumed to shed light on the emotional wellbeing of older adults and their use of drugs, hospitals and home visits by nurses. To begin with, the aim is to give brief background information on age in general and contextualize the research questions and their relevance in the literature and best practices regarding geriatric nursing. Reviewing the relevant literature we emphasize that age and needs as well as satisfaction with treatment is socially constructed and perceived in many different ways according to the values and assumptions that people (residents and their families, friends, networks) have about the nature of age, functioning and goals. Next, the research-team will be introduced, and a setting, a population-sample (purposive, cross-sectional and inclusive) and study design (longitudinal) are defined. Ethical considerations surrounding this research will also be noted (required consent and approval by research ethics committee). This also connects to the qualitative approach of this proposal and its choice of methodology, in particular semi-structured interviewing. Subsequently, the data to answer the questions are collected for later analysis and discussion in terms of themes surrounding perceptions and behaviour. The data analysis phase will again refer to relevant literature that may back or shed further light on the results. The findings will also be presented in tables and diagrams and limitations of the results will be noted. The eventual conclusion will summarize the findings and make recommendations that are both relevant to practice and policy (Rees, 2003). Background First, a little background regarding age, set in the context of the “developmental cycle” of families (Goody 1958). Goody has suggested that the family goes through various stages or phases of development, a so-called “developmental cycle”, where families are young and grow (with the addition of children) and “contract” and grow old as the offspring grows up, moves out and leaves the original family which now only consists of the parents or a single parent when the partner dies in old age. Literature Review Having described the contents of the proposal, a focused analysis of relevant literary sources and notions in order to answer the research question is now given. The review reflects “ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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