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The Sierra Leone Civil War (Methods used by the RUF whether effective or not) - Research Paper Example

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Tarawalie 1 Alusine Tarawalie Mr. Raed Abunada English 102 1st May 2011 The Sierra Leone Civil War: Methods used by the RUF whether effective or not In what might be termed as one of the worst civil wars that mankind ever witnessed, Sierra Leone was not only devastated but was left in a state of utter helplessness- her citizens effectually demoralised and rendered hopeless without any distant possibility of a normal life…
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The Sierra Leone Civil War (Methods used by the RUF whether effective or not)
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"The Sierra Leone Civil War (Methods used by the RUF whether effective or not)"

Download file to see previous pages In presenting this paper, I intend to analyze the effectiveness of the methods used by the RUF in terrorising young children and other refugees in becoming forced fighters as well as their sheer ruthlessness in destroying civilian dwellings by theft, loot, and murder. In doing so, I have considered to present some important events of the war: the beginning of the war and the formation/evolution of RUF, the resistance faced by the RUF, techniques implemented by the RUF, effects of the war and the RUF brutalities, and the eventual end of the war along with the RUF. The paper ends with a conclusion regarding the effectiveness of the RUF in their approach and the effects that it generated throughout the life and times of the people of the fated country – Sierra Leone. Tarawalie 2 BEGINNING OF THE WAR: THE FORMATION OF RUF AND ITS AGENDA On 23rd March, 1991, Sierra Leone was engulfed in a civil war that was to last for more than a decade. The inception of the war was triggered by the rebel army named Revolutionary United Front which was led by Foday Sankoh – a former corporal of the Sierra Leone army who later became a pro-Gaddafi insurgent. On returning back from Libya after receiving specialised training, he initiated an insurgency movement which later culminated into a civil war. His actions were supported by Charles Taylor- the then Liberian president “who (Charles Taylor) was the principal beneficiary from this criminal business” (Gberie 184). Although the RUF theme was aimed solely to set up a multi-party democracy by overthrowing the Momoh regime, they completed failed to define a future political agenda. What seemed to be the bottom-line were the massive diamond resources that were to come under their disposal once the current regime was powerless. These economic perks along with the ineffectual retaliation from the government forces and the subsequent defection by many civilians and soldiers led the country to a grotesque civil war. Although the RUF would later face some resistance from the Sierra Leone army, negligence and incompetence would allow them to later push back across the country and maintain their strongholds on many economically and geographically important areas like the mines of Moyamba and Bonthe districts and the country’s capital- Freetown. For most of Sierra Leone’s youth, there were only limited options left- either to remain where they were and get themselves obliterated by the rebels or to flee to the neighbouring Liberia. Ironically, this was to led them into war rather than distance them from the conflict. What the world was going to witness was the grotesque killings of refugees and forced inclusion of children into the military either by force or by the fake promises of food, water and medical care. Tarawalie 3 RESISTANCE FACED BY THE RUF The RUF in the course of its aggressive journey encountered many resistances which it either quelled or dealt with tactical approach. "Despite their brutality the RUF retained coherence as a military force and their links to neighbouring Liberia ensured that they could maintain themselves with equipment and provisions" (Dorman 38). Nevertheless, most of the initial resistances were either not consistent or were quite incompetent in their fight ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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International Justice & Rehabilitation in Post-War Sierra Leone intervene in nipping the RUF in the bud led to the growth in the movement. Secondly, crackdowns on the RUF by international military bodies led to them recruiting children to fill up their ranks in a quest for survival. Also, the IMFs promises of development for Sierra Leone was premature because on hindsight, the government needed security at that time and not development. This escalated the crises and allowed the child soldiering menace to continue to a few more years. Also, the smuggling of arms to the rebels by members of the international community through Liberia was a major cause of the war. Chapter 4 The International Community and the...
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