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New Historicist Reading of Christina Rossetti's Goblin Market - Research Paper Example

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Introduction The themes that are noted in various poems and pieces of literature are designed to create a relationship to the social and cultural aspects of a given time frame. When looking at Christian Rossetti’s “Goblin Market,” it can be seen that specific historic and cultural identities are established in the poem…
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New Historicist Reading of Christina Rossettis Goblin Market
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Download file to see previous pages Examining the different parts of the story and creating a relationship to society and the Victorian Era then establishes a stronger understanding of what was occurring during this time frame. The poem is one which not only develops historical understanding of the time, but also is associated with contradictions and perspectives that were deeply rooted in the Victorian Era. History of Goblin Market The poem of “Goblin Market” was written from 1830 – 1894 as a part of the Victorian Era. During this time frame, there were several changes which were occurring in society, specifically in relation to building a modern style society. The society was influenced with new developments in science, industry and technology. These new developments led to associations with politics, specifically with countries that were trying to expand and dominate by opening the countries to global trade and expansion. The politics were based on creating a sense of imperialism, domination and colonialism over other countries while creating a power structure that was identified with the sense of domination. As this occurred, many began to be influenced by imperialist and bourgeois thought, including changing social status through differences in wealth, gender, ethnicity and overall identity. The main influences during the Victorian Era were then noted with contrasts to the literature of the time (Mcgann, pg. 237). The several changes which were occurring in the Victorian Era led to the main approach which was taken by Rossetti in writing the poem. The focus was to target two types of readers. One was defined by children and the other adults. The poem was able to be read from these two perspectives, one which worked like a fairy tale to tell a moral of a story. The second perspective was based on the viewpoints of adults who had sold into and bought the fruit of the men, or goblins of the time. From this perspective, the goblins became a representation of the social class divisions, imperialist nature and other aspects that were related to the dangers of the time. These various approaches to the poem were able to show a specific representation to the culture of the time while both audiences which read the poem were able to carry a different viewpoint and ideal which was associated directly with the time frame and the historical changes which were occurring (Kooistra, pg. 249). Economic History in Goblin’s Market The several approaches which are a part of the reading of “Goblin’s Market” are not only associated with the general political history and attitudes during the time. There is also a relationship to society and the basic perspectives which were considered during this time. A main concept which was approached was based on the social viewpoint toward economy and wealth as well as how this created division within the Victorian society. The ideal of consumer power comes through the two sisters and their desire to have the fruit and to continue to have the goblin fruits. This was associated with the economy of desire which was created at the time, specifically with the introductions of industry, economy and the taking over of other nations. The morality of economic space as well as the basis of capitalist production which came from the goblins was the two main components which were associated with this. The idea of falling into temptation with the consumption and the need to continue to h ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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