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The Regions of Europe - Research Paper Example

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Serbia: Vojvodina, Kosovo Introduction: Serbia is one of the most newly formed European countries. As a newly formed nation the country deserves special attention to be discussed here. Two of the most important parts of Serbia are Vojvodina and Kosovo and there are important reasons for these places to be considered unique and discussable…
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The Regions of Europe
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"The Regions of Europe"

Download file to see previous pages The diversified nature of the Vojvodina can be well grasped with the presence of well over 26 ethnic groups within the region that has left the region with no other option but to give a total of six languages the status of the official language. If Vojvodina is an autonomous province within Serbia then Kosovo moves even a step further. Kosovo is an all together disputed territory after the break up of Yugoslavia. It claims itself as Republic of Kosovo yet has managed only partial recognition till date. Serbia claims it a region under UN control and does not confer the republican status to Kosovo. Both these places of Serbia (leaving the ambiguity of past and present aside), namely Vojvodina and Kosovo attracts attention owing to their unique existence. The present paper will highlight both these places in terms of their location, geography, history demography, major cities and economy; starting with Vojvodina. Vojvodina Location: Vojvodina is placed at the northern part of Serbia. To be precise it is in the famous Pannonian Plain of Central Europe. The total area of the region is 21,506 kilometers that accounts for one fourth of the total Serbian territory. Vojvodina has common boundaries with Hungary (North), Romania (East), Croatia (West) and Bosnia and Herzegovina (South West). (Bogunovic) Map of Vojvodina (ADAGIO) Geography: Before explaining the topography of the region, it is important to highlight the reasons behind such topography. As mentioned earlier that the region is a part of the Pannonin plain, hence it shares mostly a flat landscape with fertile soil well suited for cultivation. Again Danube, Sava and Tisza the three main rivers that run through the region have divided it into three geographical regions, namely Backa, Banat and Syrmia. Though it has been mentioned earlier that the region demonstrates a predominantly flat landscape but owing to the presence of Fruska Gora Mountain in Syrmia region and Vrsacke Planine Mountain at South East Banat, topography of both the regions differs from that of Vojvodina in general. (Bogunovic) One of the distinctive features of the place is the presence of a wet land amidst the region. Gornje Podunavlje which was designated as a wetland around four years back in 2007 has an area of 224.8 square kilometres and is the largest in Serbia. A much smaller wet land with 9.76 square kilometres of area Slano Kopovo also is in Vojvodina. (Serbia) Vojvodina’s climate is shaped by the air from northern and western Europe that results in a continental climate all over the place. The annual average temperature is 11.0 degree centre grade. In January it is lowest at -0.7 degree centre grade and in July it is highest at 21.3 degree centre grade. Annual precipitation is 602.0 mm with a relative humidity of 75%. Evaporation at the mentioned place is 738 mm on an average. It is worth mentioning that the above cited climate related statistics is an average of 50 years (1949-1999) over 12 places. (ADAGIO) History: The area shares a rich history and from ancient times it has been handed over from one monarchy to the other. The Austro-Hungarian Empire was last of the monarchs who were in charge of Vojvodina. After the collapse of the Empire at the end of First World War the region became a part of the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes. Later (1929-1941) it became known as ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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