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Teens and Plastic Surgery - Research Paper Example

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[Your full name] April 28, 2011 Teens and Plastic Surgery Plastic surgery includes reconstructive and cosmetic procedures that aim to reform a part of the body that is ill-shaped or malfunctioning. Why more and more teens are getting involved in these procedures is an interesting issue which can very rightly be called a social problem…
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Teens and Plastic Surgery
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Download file to see previous pages If they have a scar on their face, a birthmark, a mole, or something like that which they do not want to have, they decide to get a plastic surgery. But the idea that lies behind is the only one, and that is to change the way they look like because they are unhappy and want to get appreciated by their friends. Thus, the main causes why teens go for plastic surgery are pessimistic self-evaluation and mental displeasure or frustration (Nichols and Good 153). The trend is also increasing since it was 306,000 teens getting it in 2000 and in 2005, the number was 333,000 (Masui). History The history of plastic surgery began during the World War II. Mass destruction caused by modern weapons caused huge deformities in people and thus the demand for treatments also increased. People wanted their deformed facial and body features to be reconstructed, and thus the idea of plastic surgery flourished extensively. “Shattered jaws, blown-off noses and lips and gaping skull wounds caused by modern weapons required innovative restorative procedures” (“Plastic Surgery NYC Surgeon Cosmetic Breast”). Hence, best plastic surgeons were hired to reshape the body parts of soldiers during WW II. This was the start. The decade of 1960s brought with it some of the most sophisticated and modern procedures and equipment which filled in the people the desire to get plastic surgery. Now, where elders go for it to reconstruct or reshape their features, youngsters are also interested in the cosmetic advantages of plastic surgery. Types of Plastic Surgery Popular in Teens Teens usually go for the reshaping of their noses, lips and ears. Rhinoplasty is the reconstruction of nose; otoplasty is the procedure in which stuck out ears are tucked in; and, hyperhydrosis is the process that reduces excessive sweating. All of these procedures are very popular among teens. Laser hair removal, chin augmentation, and acne scar treatment (dermabrasion) is also done. Breast uplifting, breast implants, breast enhancement, and breast reduction, are popular in female teens. Another famous concept is liposuction which is a body contouring procedure that washes away fat from the body so that obesity is countered. The number of teens getting liposuction rose from 60,000 in 1997 to 225,000 in 2003; the number of teens getting microdermabrasion was more than 21,000 in 2000; those getting nose jobs were more than 15,000; and more than 12,000 underwent otoplasty, as shown in an eight year research (Mann). Researchers also suggest that plastic surgery is not found to improve the overall quality of life of a teen. Effects of Plastic Surgery Teen cosmetic surgery has been found to have many side effects. Since, there are few valid reasons behind teens getting plastic surgery, thus there are less emotional considerations to it and the complaint is more likely to be consistent. The surgery may leave marks and the pain in the operated area lasts forever. Also, teens who get plastic surgery get stereotyped and are looked down upon by their peers. Finances The cost of all plastic surgeries is substantially high (Alagna 8, para.4) and for teens, it is not very much affordable. Otoplasty costs $3200-$6000; in UK, the nose job costs $5000-$6000; breast lift costs $5000-$6000; chin implant costs $3000-$4500; and, liposuction (1 area) costs $2500-$4500. However, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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