Saving our surf breaks in California - Research Paper Example

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Saving California’s Surf Breaks Course/Number Date Instructor Name Introduction Being a surfer means being one with nature, more specifically, “Mother Nature” (Taylor, 2010, p. 116). Aside from having the right equipment and developing proper skills, surfing relies first and foremost on the condition of the ocean and the waves it produces for “without waves, the concept of being a surfer would be totally meaningless” (Butt, 2009)…
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Saving our surf breaks in California
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"Saving our surf breaks in California"

Saving California’s Surf Breaks Educating the public about surfing basics is not complete without talking about surf breaks, which are crucial in creating wave breaks that surfers ride (Butt, 2009). “A surf break is defined as a permanent obstruction, such as a reef, headland, bombora [and] rock or sandbar, which causes waves to break” (Silmalis, 2007). Although what constitutes the actual wave that surfers ride involves a more complex combination of weather, wind direction, tides and ocean current, an integral part of this fusion are surf breaks (Diel and Menges, 2008, p. 84). The texture and shape of the sea floor determines the height of the wave (p. 87). Hence, beaches rich in coral reefs—which are considered to be the best surf breaks—and blessed with great bombora and other rock and sand formations are considered to be prime surf spots (Almond, 2009, p. 93). ...
The Save the Waves Coalition is a prime example of a non-profit surfing environmentalist organization that teams up with local, national and international agencies to “preserve and protect surfing locations around the planet and to educate the public about their value” (Kampion, 2009, p. 117). The organization asserts that proper coastal impact studies should be created before marina, jetties, and other major coastal construction are approved as they decimate sediments and coral reefs that make for great surf breaks (p. 117). Based in San Francisco, Coral Reef Alliance (2010) is the only international nonprofit organization where divers and surfers work together to mitigate the many threats to coral reefs, such as ocean acidification and warming, water pollution, fishing, coral mining and careless tourism. Increasing the public’s awareness through various media campaigns, like the annual Save the Waves Film Festival, capitalizing on the popularity of famous surfers like Kelly Slater and maximizing the funds generated from philanthropists are some of the grand ways of saving, not only Southern California’s, but also the world’s surf spots (Baker, 2009, p. 118). Conclusion Because surf breaks are affected by various environmental and human factors, educating the public, as well as mobilizing people and generating funds for campaigns, is key to saving them from destruction and preserving the survival of surfing as a sport. The breadth and complexity of the scope of saving California’s surf breaks might be intimidating and overwhelming, but it must also be remembered that every little act helps. For instance, because the high concentration of carbon dioxide in the water damages and Read More
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