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Should women be allowed in the military And to what extent - Research Paper Example

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Should women be allowed in the military? And to what extent? Introduction Women are proved to be efficient in many fields apart from the traditional roles that they play in the family as well as in the society. The increasing number of women who perform extremely well in various fields such as arts, sports, games, science and politics indicate the changing attitude of women…
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Should women be allowed in the military And to what extent
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"Should women be allowed in the military And to what extent"

Download file to see previous pages This paper is an attempt to analyse whether women should be allowed in the military and in doing so the paper deals with the variety of traditional and modern roles that women have played in the military service. The role of women in military There has been the participation of women in the US military service starting from the formation of the union and they were often present in the warfare during the 18th and 19th centuries undertaking spy works, nursing, cooking and laundry works. Margaret Conrad Devilbiss classifies the areas of women participation in the military during the American Revolution in to three as “first, those referred to as women of the army or army women; second, those enlisted as regular troops fighting in uniform side by side with male continentals; and third, women serving as irregular fighters affiliated with local military companies” (Devilbiss 1). Women of army were having responsibilities to support the artillery in the warfare along with providing treatment in the military hospitals and in the war field. The second category has performed as regular enrolled soldiers and some of them fought disguised as men together with male soldiers. Separate military units were also formed during that period composed partly or entirely of women for the purpose of local defence. A continuation of women participation was observed in the US military activities of the 19th century such as the war of 1812, the civil war during the period 186-65 and the Spanish-American war of 1898 and they focussed mainly on the health care of soldiers as the number of death resulting from injuries and also from diseases were increasing and the situation was demanding the service of experienced physicians and nurses who possess emotional and Psychological stability, strength, bravery and willingness to work under risky environments to take care of the injured (Devilbiss 1). It can also be seen that women in military were allotted more of bureaucratic and technical roles rather than military service on the war front (Caforio 290). The present role of women in military is not restricted to the field of health care and they also perform various other critical functions such as the operation of automatic weapons, driving military trucks, and flying fighter plains. However they are not allowed to enrol in units such as artillery or infantry where a direct combat with enemy is essential. Considering the words of Ms. Donnelly, the president of the Centre for Military Readiness based at Michigan, “Civilized nations do not subject women to combat violence. We sometimes don't have a choice about sending young men into war, but we do have a choice about young women. And we decided as a commission, in the majority, to say that, 'No, violence against women, we do not endorse that. We support women in the military, but we don't have to submit them to direct violence in combat.” The statement provides a clear picture regarding how women should be positioned in military. According to Ms. Donnelly’s observation it is necessary to have women in military to undertake a large variety of non traditional jobs and thereby to support various military functions (Role of Women in US Military Gets Renewed Debate). Women also possess precision, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Should women be allowed in combat
...more physically disabled people on the battlefield in order to encourage diversity, but they would compromise the mission. Only the most physically and mentally fit individuals should form the tip of the spear, the combat units that make up the military. This is the crux of the opposition to women in the military. In the American military today, women are not involved in combat roles. They make up only around 14 percent of the active Army ( Catherine Ross served in Iraq as a civil affairs sergeant attached to a combat brigade and argued recently that women should be allowed to...
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... joining (Sexual Assault Scandal reported at Air Force Academy 8). This was seen in the Air force Academy of Colorado Springs. References 1. Burgoyne, Matthew. “Newsflash: Military Report Says Women Should Be Allowed in Combat”, Ms Magazine, March 8, 2011, May 26, 2011 from: 2. Devilbiss, Margaret Conrad. Women and Military service: a history, analysis and overview of key issues, DIANE Publishing, 1990. 3. Mulawaka, Brian. “The Frustrating Follies in Forces”, Alberta Report, (1998), 25.29, 8, May 26, 2011 from: ...
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...within military practices as well as other forces including navy and air force. It should be noted that the first women group were marked at the military front during the late 1700s where listing of women were done with consent of military bill. However, initially, the role of women in the US Army during American Revolutionary War remained restricted to traditional roles of being nurses, cooks, and tailors (Amico and Weinstein 231). They were never put into combat as males dominated battlefields and war related planning. A common view which was being spread among men for the women who opted for the...
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...The thought of women in warfare is not extraordinary anymore. There is a growing position in the United s where, as women are obtaining more privileges given to them that were formerly restricted, women ought to be given everything that is presented to men. This appears to be becoming very accurate inside the military, where much opinion is that women must be given the chance to serve in fighting arms situations. Women should be capable to hold combat sites because, even though physical strength is a significant concern, the military still requires the cleverness that women can produce. By means of banning women from warfare also damages their military professions. Even if women merely accounts for a small fraction of the military... to...
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Should Women be allowed in combat
...that are based on facts reveals that women should not be allowed in a combat. Their presence in the combat will put at risk the combat units and make them vulnerable. References “Women in Combat: Frequently Asked Questions.” Center for Military Readiness. November 22, 2004. Retrieved on June 12, 2011 at Stress Fractures in Female Army Recruits: Implications of Bone Density, Calcium Intake, and Exercise - Cline et al. 17 (2): 128 - Journal of the American College of Nutrition Nassen Poulos, Paula (1996). A womans war too: U.S. women in the military in World War II....
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