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Demonic Possession and demons - Research Paper Example

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(Name) (Professor) (Subject) (Date) Demons and Demonic Possession There is indeed more truth than fiction in accounts of demonic possessions one can see in movies like The Exorcist or The Last Exorcism. Demons and demonic possessions have long been regarded as valid and real accounts based on evidence from anthropology, history and even from the Bible…
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Demonic Possession and demons
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"Demonic Possession and demons"

Download file to see previous pages Definition and Characteristics of Demons and Demonic Possessions The term “demonic possession” belongs only to one of the two supposed major types of possession states, the other one being those “occurring within the context of religious experiences” (Ferracuti et al. 525-526). In fact, a possession trance is defined as “the presence of a single or episodic altered state of consciousness, in which a person’s customary identity is replaced by a new identity attributed to the influence of a spirit or deity” (525). This means that possession is just as simple as a spirit taking over the physical body and directing it. Nevertheless, there may be two major types of possession depending on nature – the pathologic type, which are known as demonic possessions and the ones often depicted in movies as the devil inhabiting bodies of people; and the religious type, which are particularly found in “ritual ceremonies” (526) and are normally characterized as having “a valid individual and social function” (526). Demonic possessions, due to the fact that they are necessarily pathologic, and physically and mentally damaging, are therefore a more urgent subject for discussion compared to the religious type. These possessions usually last from five minutes to two hours. (527) The possessing agent, or the evil spirit, that is believed to inhabit the physical body of the possessed victim would usually have a number of characteristics. First, they are usually identified as male and are therefore relatively more sexual, aggressive, intense and agitated (527), thus causing these manifestations of behavior in the victim. The agent is also of a different moral character from the possessed (527). In most cases, the possessing agent is believed to cause the victim to vomit, cough and spit and at the same time roar, growl and bark (527). This is perhaps one of the most remarkable characteristics of one possessed by an evil spirit. The victim also displays “facial expressions of anger and hate” (527) and would angrily or sarcastically curse God (527). Moreover, the agent is also lucid and clear about its identity and intention as it often states its identity, curses God and expresses “disgust for the body it had possessed” (527). Lastly, there is usually a rolling of the eyes and a deepening of the voice in the victim (527). Nevertheless, most demonic possessions would usually begin with “unexplainable nausea and vomiting” and “constant difficulty in praying” (527). Nevertheless, demonic possession does not happen to everyone but to a chosen select few. What qualities then characterize these people who end up being possessed? One of these qualities is a previous diagnosis and treatment of a psychological disorder or schizophrenia (529). These people are also very much engrossed in paranormal experiences, have complex personalities, and have an impaired sense of reality (525). Nevertheless, most of these people are believed to have two distinct characteristics from those not possessed: they have “recurrent depression episodes” and they “used to belong to ritualistic satanic groups” (528). As these people are possessed, it then follows that the best and most immediate solution is to seek a solution. The solution is usually exorcism or casting out of the demon, as described in the Catholic document Ritual ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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