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Banning of Prayer in USA public schools: The lack of prayer has contributed to the decline of moral values - Research Paper Example

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The lack of prayer has contributed to the decline of moral values Banning prayer in public school has remained a burning issue for near about 50 years for now. Apparently the issue seems to be an easy one to deal with but considering the tremendous controversy that it has generated in last 50 years; it deserves special attention…
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Banning of Prayer in USA public schools: The lack of prayer has contributed to the decline of moral values
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Download file to see previous pages According to many scholars and common people alike the ban of prayer in public schools is justified considering the fact that the state should abstain from encouraging religious acts among its people. This is quite strange for a country like United States of America, which is a stringent opponent of communism; as by far only the religious neutrality of communist countries have gained much notoriety. The proponents of prayer in public schools believe that distancing from god at a formative period of life is responsible for the rise in unwanted pregnancy, divorce rate and rte of crime in successive years. The present paper along with enshrining light to the historical background of the mentioned issue; also states the present status of the same and discusses the social effects of banning prayer in public schools. History of banning prayer in public school: The very first controversy regarding prayer in public schools erupted in 1830s. Many Italian and Irish Catholics came to USA at that period and questioned the justification of the compulsion regarding the “readings of Protestant King James Bible and the recitation of Protestant prayers” (Jew Watch) in most of the public schools of that time. This resulted in a chaotic situation that included unnecessary expulsion of students with Catholic backgrounds and burning of convents. There was also some news of unfortunate deaths. The modern day controversy regarding banning of prayer in public schools of USA began at New York. This happened after the constitution of nondenominational prayer by the Board of regents of New York State with a view to use it in class room after the flag salute. The prayer was like “Almighty God, we acknowledge our dependence upon thee, and we beg Thy blessings upon us, our parents, our teachers, and our country.” (Conflicting rights and religious liberty: The school-prayer controversy in Alabama, 1962-1985) By that time the American society became far more diversified than before in terms of religion and protest against such religious issue was only moments of wait. The first protest came from a parent of ten children living in New Hyde Park though was rejected by the courts of New York following the reason that children participation in those prayers was not compulsory. The case was forwarded to USA Supreme court as Engel v. Vitale and was ruled in favor of the objection. Justice Hugo L. Black stated that the practice violates the establishment clause. Later in the very next year while ruling in School District of Abington Township v. Schempp case, it has been established that it is also a violation of the First Amendment. The first Catholic President of America John F. Kennedy also supported the ruling “We have in this case a very easy remedy, and that is to pray ourselves. And I would think it would be a welcome reminder to every American family that we can pray a good deal more at home, we can attend our churches with a good deal more fidelity, and we can make the true meaning of prayer much more important in the lives of our children”. (Jew Watch) This way the Supreme Court’s decision long back in 1962 barred 39 million students from offering prayer at their respective schools to the All mighty (Bergel). This famous or infamous verdict by Supreme Court against the prayer in public school is known as Engel ruling. Since it has been passed ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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