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How do the teachings of Buddhism and Christianity match up Where are they similar and where do they differ - Research Paper Example

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[Author’s name] Similarities and Differences between Buddhism and Christianity Introduction It goes without saying that all the religions of the world are similar in their core and prime teachings. The principle of virtue and vice is almost the same in fundamentals of all religions…
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How do the teachings of Buddhism and Christianity match up Where are they similar and where do they differ
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"How do the teachings of Buddhism and Christianity match up Where are they similar and where do they differ"

Download file to see previous pages Buddhism is geographically restricted to Asia only, while Christianity is prevalent throughout the world. This paper would discuss certain similarities and differences found between the two. Similarities and differences There are many notable aspects of Buddhism that are similar to the Catholic faith and its traditions. The Five Moral Precepts of Buddhism, for example, compare closely to the Ten Commandments which have set out law for centuries: for Jews in the time of Moses, then later for disciples of Christ, and even for Christians today. The Five Moral Precepts include the refraining of murder, thievery, sexual misconduct, lying, and the consumption of intoxicants. Similarly, the Ten Commandments call for abstention of killing, stealing, adultery, as well as dishonesty. Although the Ten Commandments consist of more than these immoral actions, these aspects of Christianity and Buddhism were designed based on similar beliefs. The main book of rules or official set of regulations for Christianity is the bible, which has two parts, the New Testament and the Old Testament. Christ came to this world when Siddhartha Gotama was 29. He was born into a wealthy family and realized that only wealth could not fulfill his inner being so he started studying religion. At age 80 he died in happiness knowing he had created a new religion that has influenced the world. Buddha as he was named alter in his life took all the true and pure parts of all religions and put them together into a religion that was almost perfect in his eyes. The similarities between these two religions of the world are great. Both the religions are monotheistic and affirm that after death only those people shall gain the eternal salvation of heaven that adhered to the rules or commandments in this world. Both of these religions also praise, or in Buddhism's case, respect their messiah and ask for eternal salvation from their god. Buddhism is based on the beliefs of Buddha who was raised as a rich child who didn't know what pain, sickness, age, and death were until he demanded his father to allow him to exit the palace and view the town. When he went he saw an old man and asked his father what was wrong and only then did Buddha figure out that there are bad things in our world. At the end of his visit he saw a monk with an ancient, calm look upon his face that Buddha soon would have. After this incident his father exposed him to the world in every way and Buddha started studying religion. At first he was just interested in why people needed it but the more he studied it the more attached he became to it. He and his five followers did this in an effort to receive the answer of what is the only way to receive the ability to pass to heaven. After the incident under the tree word spread and through good deeds of other individuals he obtained a temple and many followers some of which were women. At the age of 35 he became a religious leader in Northeast India and for the next 45 years he taught Buddhism. Rites and Rituals In Christian community, Baptism takes place at a young age. Most infants taking place in Baptism are only a few months old. Baptism is all about welcoming a new member to the Christian community and letting them live the way Jesus lived his life. The ceremony of Baptism takes place in 6 parts. The parents and the selected godparents of the child are asked what their intentions are. Prayers are made and a couple ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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