The High/Scope curriculum vs and The Montessori curriculum - Research Paper Example

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Comparisons between High/Score and Montessori Curriculum Approach Abstract High / scope curriculum is used in childcare, kindergarten and preschool, and was developed in the 1960s in the US, but is now common in other countries. The philosophy behind this approach is centered on child development research and theory, based on john Dewey and Jean Piaglet ideas (Roopnarine & Johnson, 1993)…
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The High/Scope curriculum vs and The Montessori curriculum
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"The High/Scope curriculum vs and The Montessori curriculum"

Download file to see previous pages However, they differ in some concepts but are similar in other areas. This report looks into these differences and similarities and how they can best be applied to help prepare children for future learning. The High/Scope Curriculum versus the Montessori Curriculum Introduction With respect to early childhood education, different individuals have their own varied educational approaches and philosophies to the teaching and learning process. This is based on knowledge acquired from either studies of theorists of early childhood, personal experience during interaction with children in various environments of learning or the understanding of the process of child development (Roopnarine & Johnson). This essay seeks to explore how the High/Scope curriculum versus the Montessori curriculum is different or similar. The paper will also suggest the best curriculum for children depending on its approach. Finally, the role of parents in ensuring that children get the best introduction to education and the environment will also be considered. The environment can provide a base on which new teaching and learning approaches can be adapted and assist in determining how our own educational philosophies relates or contrasts from others so as to enable an effective transmission and acquisition of knowledge in the teaching and learning process. High/scope approach emerged from work done on the project of Perry Preschool in 1970 by Connie Kamii and Dave Weikart and was initiated in 1962. They are ideas and practices of education of education based on child (3-4 years) development principles. High/Scope Curriculum This approach of education views the child as the main participant in the teaching-learning process. The adults are supposed to be passive as their main duty is the creation of a conducive learning environment by planning of teaching and learning activities considering each child’s individual difference, encourage the child through the guiding and counseling process as a way of facilitating learning and develop effective strategies of engaging the child in a positive interaction involving the adult (teacher) and the child (learner). The adults are more of facilitators than supervisors. This curriculum aims at developing a child’s cognitive at their current level of development and improve on it. The environment is set in such a way to that it represents a social setting with the child being left to select ideas, materials and individuals to interact with. It is different from the traditional setting in that the setting of a nursery school in the sense that rather than focusing on a child’s advances in social and emotional aspect, it mainly concerns itself with their intellectual maturation. This program aims at developing the talents of the child through the active learning process and also for it s success it relied on the adults. The main concepts of this program include: active learning process which is participatory, where the child has concrete first hand experience with the learning materials, events and ideas. Through interacting with their environment the child construct their own knowledge. The second concept is the environment of learning which is developed basing on the child’s needs and interest and the child is expected to develop a responsibility in the use of the learning areas in this environment. Also a daily routine is developed as a concept ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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