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Surviving asylum: an examination of personal experiences of children seeking political sanctuary - Dissertation Example

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ABSTRACT A number of young asylum seekers come into the Untied Kingdom in order to escape violence at home. These young asylum seekers aim to experience a safer environment in the United Kingdom, as compared to what they have experience their home countries…
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Surviving asylum: an examination of personal experiences of children seeking political sanctuary
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"Surviving asylum: an examination of personal experiences of children seeking political sanctuary"

Download file to see previous pages This research makes use of the qualitative approach to research in order to review previous studies conducted as regards the needs of the asylum-seeking children in the United Kingdom. CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION Young refugees seek Asylum in the United Kingdom of Great Britain due to a number of reasons. In this sense, many studies, including those authored by Macaskill (2002) and Kidane (2001a) have already been conducted in the hopes of exploring the different reasons behind why these young refugees seek Asylum. In Hek and Sales (2002) as well as in Thomas et al (2004), it was revealed that many of these young refugee seekers have reported that they have experienced the disappearance and imprisonment of their father, mother, and other family members. It is generally because of the high levels of anxiety that they experienced that they were forced to leave their home countries and at the same time, travelling to other countries in order to escape from the latter. In addition, Ayotte and Williamson (2001) mentioned that young people often seek refuge to escape poverty, deprivation and sexual abuses encountered in their home countries. Nevertheless, it was mentioned that these young children continue to experience exploited in the country where they sought refuge. For instance, McCallin (1996) pointed out that while a number of young refugees continue to live with their parents while in the United Kingdom, the same nevertheless fail to experience a good life as the latter are emotionally incapable to cater to their needs. Furthermore, exploitation is further expected amongst those living with their relatives whom they do not know, those with the social services, and those young refugees who are living alone. Finally, Patel and Hodes (2006) also stress that children seeking asylum tend to display high levels of distress and psychiatric disorder brought about the bad experiences that they have encountered. Undoubtedly, young asylum seekers have various needs. In general, their needs are the same as that of normal children. Unfortunately, in the countries where they seek asylum, these children are not often seen as children first; in fact, they seen and dealt with as refugees primarily. Acknowledging the presence of a number of children asylum seekers in their country, the United Kingdom of Great Britain has promulgated various laws pertaining to Asylum and Immigration. Among the said laws are: (1) The Asylum and Immigration (Appeals) Act of 1993 (Power et al. 1998), (2) The Asylum and Immigration Act of 1996 (Penrose 2002), (3) The Immigration and Asylum Act of 1999 (Dennis 2002), (4) The Nationality, Immigration and Asylum Act of 2002 (Refugee Council 2004), and finally, (5) The Asylum and Immigration (Treatment of Claimants, etc) Act of 2004 (Grady 2004). I will examine this legislation crafted by the high officials of the United Kingdom of Great Britain in order to look into the manner by which the country caters to the needs of the young refugees in the country. In addition to the same, I will also look into how these legislations complied with the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Children wherein a section was also devoted in relation to children seeking asylum. Aim In this paper, I would like to discuss the experiences of young refugees in the United Kingdom of Great Britain, taking into consideration the various problems that they have experienced. The reason why I have chosen this ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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