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Topic: Obama the Neocon On March 31st, 2011, the Washington Times published an editorial titled “Obama the Neocon,” where the newspaper stated: “The president is using force he disdained as a senator.” (Washington Times, 2011) The Washington Times has a conservative editorial bias, and the paper’s staff was clearly pleased with the direction that the policy was taking, as well as the obvious sense of hypocrisy that it created for the President…
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Download file to see previous pages casualties while maximizing destruction and death abroad. That Obama was elected through the use of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Mahatma Gandhi, and Jesus Christ in his moral rhetoric makes the use of violent force in government policy problematic. For example, if we are to ask whether these teachers accept the use of deadly force and violence as a means to solve political problems or social issues, the answer would be an unequivocal no – not in any instance. It can be further argued that by invoking MLK, Gandhi, his Christian faith, and his unique family history, the President communicated a point of view to the electorate that was expressive of his moral sense of identity. If Obama as President continues to pursue what the Washington Times describes as “neoconservative policies” through military action abroad, he is indeed going against the moral tone that he communicated to his base in seeking election and should be held accountable in the upcoming 2012 election for it. The Washington Times (2011) writes in the editorial: “Mr. ...
For now anyway. Mr. Obama’s motive - trying to dislodge an authoritarian regime in the name of the Libyan people - are solidly within the neoconservative framework.” (Washington Times, 2011) The article is limited in space but could have clearly noted that Obama has pursued the “Just War” doctrine through his policy of escalation in Afghanistan and Pakistan while drawing down in Iraq, and Libya is the latest example of that policy. President Obama’s 2009 Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech can be seen as one of the main locations where he develops the “Just War” doctrine and with it his reasons why he cannot or will not implement a purely pacifist foreign policy as advocated by Gandhi and MLK particularly. (NYT, 2009) What the Washington Times suggests is that at heart Obama is no different that Nixon or Eisenhower, who like the majority of Americans would “believe in” Christianity and not see it as inconsistent with war. Yet, the Washington Times is not writing the editorial to advocate the position of MLK and Gandhi in politics, they are writing to exult with glee as Obama again sells these principles out and the “moral Left” writhes in agony. The implication of this tone is happier still in that the writers expect that Obama will likely lose the election, having sold out his moral base continually throughout his administration. Following the Washington Times arguments, it is easy to view the Obama administration’s economic policies as no real change from the neo-conservative Bush administration. President Obama continued the Wall St.“bailout” policies enacted by the Bush administration as well as expanding them. President Obama’s majority-led Congress extended the Bush tax cuts in another example of neo-conservative policy. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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