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Work Ethics - Assignment Example

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1. General information.-Definition and History
2. Statement of the problem-Change in people’s Attitude towards work ethics.
3. Hypothesis or research question.-Reason for the change
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Work Ethics
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Download file to see previous pages Research methods.-Books and Journals related to the subject. 6. Data collection & analysis. The body-Change in the Work Ethic – A Slow Transition Conclusion References (range them alphabetic). Work Ethics Abstract Work ethics is defined as one’s attitude towards work, job, career and vocation. Work ethics is intrinsic that is, it is a desire to do work ethically. Philosophically, this may lead to various perspectives; the truth about work ethics, can be answered from the Work Ethics come from God the creator. Historical evidence shows how the meaning of work has changed over the centuries. Every occupation has a different work ethics but the moral values more or less remain the same. A strong work ethic involves the belief that the work is the core of moral life useful to oneself, family and community. Strong work ethics stress on building character and discipline. As strong work ethics emphasizes moral superiority than the idle laziness, pride in craft over carelessness and earned income over unearned income. Work Ethics 1 Introduction: Definition Work ethics is defined as one’s attitude towards work, job, career and vocation. Work ethics is intrinsic that is, it is a desire to do work ethically. The word ethics in the corporate world constitutes various notions like honesty, responsibility, attitude, communication interaction and respect. From historical perspective, the cultural norms places work in positive moral values, as work ethics are essentially intrinsic. A definition by Hall, 1986 in Protestant Work Ethic states, “work is an effort or activity of an individual performed for the purpose of providing food or services of value to others ;it is also considered as the work performed by an individual.”According to Fineman, 1987, from Protestant Work Ethic, work is very important aspect of middle class as it describes its identity and is a means of its security; it is a secure predictable reward for its labor or efforts. Development of Work ethics –Brief history There has been significant change in the attitude towards work since Classical period. As cited by Roger B. Hills ,The Traditional Judeo-Christian beliefs state that sometime after the dawn of creation, man was placed in the Garden of Eden "to work it and take care of it" (NIV, 1973, Genesis 2:15). There is a likelihood that an ideal work situation was disrupted when sin entered the world and humans were thrown out of the Garden. Genesis 3:19 described the human plight from that time on. "By the sweat of your brow you will eat your food until you return to the ground, since from it you were taken; for dust you are Work Ethics 2 and to dust you will return" (NIV, 1973). Rose stated that the Hebrew belief system viewed work as a "curse devised by God explicitly to punish the disobedience and ingratitude of Adam and Eve" (1985, p. 28). Numerous scriptures from the Old Testament in fact supported work, not from the stance that there was any joy in it, but from the premise that it was necessary to prevent poverty and destitution (NIV; 1973; Proverbs 10:14, Proverbs 13:4, Proverbs 14:23, Proverbs 20:13, Ecclesiastes 9:10). Change in people’s Attitude In the present times people attitude towards work has changed drastically .With these attitudinal changes some questions need to be answered. Ethics, According to William H.Shaw (P.7), deal with individual character and moral rules that govern and limit our conduct .It investigates questions of right and wrong, duty and moral obligation and moral responsibility. The Work ethics are intrinsic; they come from within. Philosophically, this may lead to various perspectives; the truth about work ethics, can be answered from the Work Ethics come from God the creator. God made humans in His image, and His word proclaims these ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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