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Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger - Research Paper Example

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Jarom D. Salinger is the most famous among the representatives of New York literary school of 40-60-ies of the XX-th century. The creative activity of the writer brings the reader into the specific world which is full of emotions and feelings. The works of the writer are unique because of their reflectiveness…
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Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger
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Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger

Download file to see previous pages... Salinger paid a great attention to the factors of personality formation. The novel “The Catcher in the Rye” is considered to be Bible for many generations. Nowadays this work can seem even to be naive but at the previous century it was sensation which caused a great wave of different emotions and was officially censored. Very often reading a book the readers try to guess the content from the very beginning judging from the title. Some authors give the mysterious titles to their works in order do some kind of riddle. Into the title of his novel Salinger placed the whole philosophy, symbolism which was an integral part of the novel. This gives an excellent opportunity to the reader to interpret the novel in their own manner and discourse. The main point of this novel is that everyone can see themselves in this work. The features of the main character are sincere and impress with their honest depicting. Though it should be mentioned that this novel is not about a lazy young man who is so simple and easy from the first sight but the author calls the reader o look deep inside the complicated mechanism if Holden’s soul. The character is opening step by step, every page of the novel helps to understand the character. Salinger wants to tell everything about his hero. The psychological portrait of Salinger’s hero is contradictory and complex. The behavior of Holden often makes an impression of a painful start. He is not just shy, touchy, and sometimes not polite, like almost everyone is prone to introspection, teenager of so-called introverted type. As it is evident from the confessions of the hero of the novel, and from the details Holden is childish for his age “unwillingness to resemble the adults in Holden's first emotionally more than consciously, feeling ahead of his mind and he's ready to be finished in one fell swoop with their offenders among which not everyone deserve a severe sentence”. However, on the other hand the young minimalism of Holden Caulfield is understandable thirst for justice and transparency in human relations. The fact that most depresses Holden and what he judges is quite "grown-up" is the feeling of hopelessness, impending doom of all his attempts to arrange his life in this world. Peering into the future, he sees nothing, except the gray routine that has become the lot of the vast majority of his countrymen. Salinger's hero fails to interest Sally enough, however, who does not really believe in life in the hut by the stream (Slawenski, 2011). Formulaic Hollywood movies with the triumph of virtue and indispensable quirks in the final scenes cause attack of revulsion in Holden’s mind. Holden lives in the cruel soulless world, which like a machine tends either to break their victim, or reshape them into their own image. Holden is endowed with "absolute moral hearing" - he immediately discerns hypocrisy, and his hypersensitivity is a special kind of radar that catches it, and then quietly passes by other history of American literature. This is his youthful impatience and attracts the readers' hearts. Not surprisingly, Holden eagerly looking for at least some outlet craves human warmth, involvement and understanding. So the question arises, what he wants, as he thinks in about the future, the question is even more important because we know very well ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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