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Book Report General Patton George Smith Patton was borne in 1885 in San Gabriel, California to George Smith Patton Sr. and his Ruth Wilson, the rich family of Scottish descent. As a child Patton read deeply in military history and classics. His father was a friend of the former Confederate Army’s officer john Singleton Mosby…
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Book Report General Patton
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Download file to see previous pages George S. Patton. Patton enrolled in the US Military Academy and had to repeat his “plebe” first year because of his poor marks in mathematics. This notwithstanding he graduated the Academy with honors in 1908 and received thus his commission as a cavalry officer. George Patton took part in 1912 Summer Olympics Stockholm. He placed seventh in 300 meter swimming. Furthermore he placed fourth out of almost 30 fencers. It was he who made American Modern Pentathlon team for the 1916 Summer Olympic games which had been scheduled for German capital yet were cancelled due to World War that broke out2. Nevertheless Patton succeeded to won his fame as a military leader but not as a sportsman. Instead of going to Berlin he took part in 1916 Punitive Expedition in Mexico. Being assigned to the 8th Cavalry Regiment at Fort Bliss, Texas Patton served as adjutant to then Brigadier General John Pershing in the latter’s pursuit of Mexican warlord Pancho Villa. The latter had trespassed American border and having killed several American citizens looted the town of Columbus. During this campaign Patton commanded the first armored vehicle attack in the history of American military. The raid resulted in killing two Mexican warlords, including Villa’s personal bodyguard General J. Cardenas. The corpses of the killed were strapped to the vehicles in a manner resembling game-animals brought home by hunters. It was this action for which Pershing labeled Patton as his “bandito”3. At the outset of American entry into World War I Major General Pershing promoted Patton to the captain’s rank. While in France at General Pershing’s request Patton undertook establishment of US troops Light Tank Training school. Seven years after the United States declared war on Germany, Patton left French capital reported to French General Garrard. On 23 March, 1918 Patton received his first tank at the Tank School which he commanded. He was the only American that had tank driving experience so it is no wonder that he himself was backing light Renault FT tanks off the train. For his successes in organization of the training school, George Patton was promoted to major, lieutenant colonel and then the colonel. In August 1918, Patton was put in charge of the First Provisional Tank Brigade. On 26 September, 1918 Patton was wounded in his leg while leading his unit in attack on Germans during the Meuse-Argonne Offensive. Patton and Private First Class Joe Angelo, his orderly were the only survivors of that offensive. Furthermore it was Joe Angelo who saved Patton. The orderly was rewarded with the Distinguished Service Cross. While Patton was recovering from the wounds Compiegne Armistice was signed putting the end to the War and coinciding with the hero’s thirty-third birthday. Patton also was rewarded for his service in European operations. He was brevetted full colonel and rewarded with the Distinguished Service Cross and the Distinguished Service Medal. For the combat wounds received in France Patton was rewarded with the Purple Heart. Having returned to the US Patton reverted from his wartime temporary rank of colonel to the one of captain. In 1919 he met Dwight Eisenhower who eventually played in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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