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The efectivness of our court systems - Research Paper Example

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The Effectiveness of our Court Systems The court systems present all over the world have quite a few shortcomings and impediments within them. This is because the incorporation of justice has not been done in a manner that would have produced solid results for the sake of all stakeholders within the criminal justice system…
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The efectivness of our court systems
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"The efectivness of our court systems"

Download file to see previous pages However not much ray of hope can be ascertained because one can encounter a number of problems left, right and center within these ranks and specifically within the United States of America. Within the domains of the United States, as statistics have proven, in 2006-07, adult criminal courts processed around 372,000 court cases which involved 1,080,000 charges. These figures were more or less unchanged as one compares the same with 2005-06. The number of cases that were termed as complete from the criminal justice domains was therefore slow but work was underway all the same. The delay process is so lengthy that a number of suitors find it hard to comply with the cases, asking them to drop the case and move on with life. The effectiveness of the court systems therefore takes a nosedive, and this is one aspect that must be properly understood before moving ahead any further (Vanhala, 2011). What is staggering to state the least is the fact that males are accused more than their female counterparts. United States has seen that around 78% of all involved were males while the remaining 16% were females within the adult criminal court cases, which saw an undisclosed 6% not naming the gender that was involved. How cases get processed within any court system in the world is something that one needs to properly comprehend and that too in a quick way (Clear, 2009). Bringing an accused to trial is one of the most significant pointers that one can think of when understanding the nuances linked with the court systems. Since this is a fundamental principle within a number of criminal justice systems of the United States courts (Kostulski, 2011). Whether or not the court systems are doing their jobs properly could easily be ascertained from the fact that there is immense disharmony within the related realms. The court systems need to be made tougher so that the offenders cannot take the entire criminal justice system for granted. United States needs to broaden the horizon that surrounds the thinking of working along the court systems where the accused find more time than the party which has been hard done by. One can think of these regimes as being subverted due to the fact that the entire incorporation of the court systems has been ransacked as the ‘system’ metaphor is flawed. If stricter measures are ensured within the United States court systems, it will mean that the effectiveness of the same would be guaranteed to a greater extent than these are at the present. There would be less repeat offenders and such individuals would be discouraged before undertaking an offensive act which might ruin their reputation, careers or just about anything which is deemed as significant for their entirety (Apparicio, 2008). Stricter measures would ensure within United States that there is harsh compliance with the rules and laws of the land and the court systems would not go astray as far as the work realms of the court systems are concerned. There would be immense significance on the way the United States courts are being held and the manner in which their work is being manifested, day in and day out. Within United States, the aspect of the punishments being harsher in this day and age holds a great amount of significance because ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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