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Name of author: Prostitution Prostitution is a big social problem all over the world. Many cultural, economical, psychological and social reasons lead people towards selecting prostitution as a profession. There are many arguments in favor and against prostitution…
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Download file to see previous pages This paper analyses the religious and cultural dimensions of prostitution. It is easy for people to judge the goods and evils when they consider topics such as global peace or agitations in Libya. SARA MACKENZIE (1992) has pointed out that people possess vastly different views as to whether it is a “Good Thing” or a “Bad Thing” when they consider sex and prostitution. In her opinion, sex and prostitution are morally neutral topics (MACKENZIE, p.1). In other words, SARA MACKENZIE like feminists argue that sex is a profession rather than any divine activity. In her opinion, prostitution is just another profession like nursing, management or teaching. In my opinion, the above argument seems to be meaningless. Sex is a divine act, given to the human by God in order to make his life and reproduction procedure more enjoyable. The intrusion of commercialization is visible in every aspect of human life. Sara’s arguments seem to be the outcomes of such intrusion of commercialization in human life rather than any logical thinking. If sex is performed in a professional manner, then it will become mechanic just like other professions in this world. A person loves his wife mainly because of the emotional attachment strengthened through their sexual life. A person will consider his wife as a special entity mainly because of the psychological pleasure she is providing to him though their sexual intercourse. If a person allowed having sex with females other than his wife, his emotional attachments with his wife will be damaged or decreased. Such decrease in emotional attachment will affect the cohesion and strength of family relations. In other words, the traditional concept of family, husband, wife, children etc will undergo drastic changes, once we accept prostitution as a moral act. A prostitute is not a commodity and neither is sex. Prostitution is a service and a prostitute sells her companionship and sex as a service. Her body is present at the time of transaction as the vehicle for these services as is the body of any other professional at the time of selling a service (MACKENZIE, p.3). The above argument also seems to be illogical. Converting sex into another product and the prostitutes as just service providers are dangerous acts. Sex is not a product, but a process. Generalization of sex as a product will destroy the uniqueness of this process. If sex is a product, then it can be purchased from anywhere, even from the family. In other words, we should justify the sexual relations with a brother and sister, mother and her son etc, if we consider sex as a product. It should be noted that mothers and sisters are also sources of this product and how can we justify purchasing sex from mothers and sisters. In other words, the arguments of MACKENZIE seem to be illogical. If we consider sex as a process, then we can assume certain conditions for this process. A process will take place only in suitable conditions. For example, water will be boiled at 100 degree Celsius when it is heated in normal atmospheric temperature and pressure. In other words, water will never boil at 100 degree Celsius if the normal atmospheric pressure is altered. Same way sex is enjoyable only when it is conducted in a suitable environment between the suitable people. In other words it is better to consider sex as a process rather than a product. “Prostitution causes venereal diseases, social immorality, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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