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Past, Present and Future of the Internet Student ID Lecturer Submission Date University To start with, the world of Internet has brought about a revolution within our lives for the better. The people are connected with one another on a constant basis…
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Past, present, and future of the internet
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"Past, present, and future of the internet"

Past, Present and Future of the Internet ID Lecturer To start with, the world of Internet has brought about a revolution within our lives for the better. The people are connected with one another on a constant basis. Internet has become a common name in households of today and imperatively its uses have increased drastically. It has become a major commercial as well as a consumer track for public leading them towards the electronic information resources available. A person would rather prefer to visit a web-portal online than going to a nearby store to inquire about the merchandise products of his/her choice or interest. This invention is no more a plot for researchers to communicate and exchange information within their own selves, but also seeks access from the innumerous chunks of available data online or from the ever-accessible super-computers placed at offshore sites (Todd, 1999). To talk about the past, the transactions and the business carried out with the Internet was just a new way for the commoner to access all the information he/she may so have wanted whilst sitting in his/her lounge room. But of late, this comfort has become a necessity without which the business seems to go nowhere except to the bottom levels. It has established itself into a quintessential way of interacting with different corporate structures and the people thus directly or indirectly involved with these enterprises and ventures, too. ATMs (Automated Teller Machines) and PBNs (Packet Backbone Networks) are such examples, which have become reality with the passage of time, thus providing an effective interacting mechanism with the business of technology and its facilitation (Rau, 2007). These technological facets have provided a tremendous amount of boom to the up and coming commercial activities as well as have helped the ISP (Internet Service Providers)’ business Presently, there is positive marketing on the Internet through which consumers can easily purchase certain products but the majority of the online world is filled with spam and irrelevant stuff, which only creates hindrances for the commoner when he/she is hooked on to the Internet. These should be kept away at all costs and must not be replied back in any fashion whatsoever. People must be careful when performing online transactions on the net because no one knows that on the other side a crook is sitting to grab someone’s credit card number and other significant information. Internet has provided a lot of incentives to the world of present times. Internet has brought about a lot of interests for the different segments of the society and we just cannot pinpoint any single one that represents and manifests its true purpose (Mosley, 2011). Furthermore, students are being taught through the Internet and there have been glorified modifications in the name of teaching which is done through the Internet. The presence of e-libraries and tutorials on the Internet is also a testimony that there has been a lot of development as far as the academic world and the Internet is concerned. But more so when we speak of the news providing aspects, we must understand that Internet can prove to be a real blessing in disguise for those people who cannot remain glued on to their television sets or radio transmitters. They remain in touch with the latest news and happenings through the different electronic gadgets, all of which make use of the Internet and thus provide a sense of proximity with the real world happenings and events. To conclude with, it would be proper to suggest that the governments need to play their righteous roles when it comes to creating awareness and spreading timely and up to date news. The quest is to explore the world of Internet and track down the significant aspects which are within it and when the same has been ascertained in entirety, and then only we can fathom that there has been a positive turn for all concerned. The users and more than anyone else, those related with the quest of finding out about current affairs and so on are the actual winners and it is up to their respective domains as to how they employ the benefits and uses of the Internet. The Internet is a big platform for finding out just about every knowledge and information related with this world and even the whole universe. It can calculate the minutest of details. The new generation of present times owes a lot of gratitude to the people who made this dream come true and they must show the same in the form of its correct usage at all times possible. All said and done, the best usage of Internet would only bring about the very best out of the users themselves and in doing so; they would ensure that they are learning a whole lot more from the magic of Internet. Works Cited Mosley, Barbra F. Technology integration can be delicious: Social bookmarking as a technology integration tool. Cutting-edge Technologies in Higher Education, 1, 2011, Found Online at: Rau, Karl-Heinz. Transformation from Internet portal to the world's largest Internet communications enterprise. Internet Research, 17(4), 2007, Found Online at: Todd, Stephen. A guide to the Internet and World Wide Web. Structural Survey, 17(1), 1999, Found Online at: Read More
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