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Religion through Art: Comparing Michelangelo and Caravvagio - Research Paper Example

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I will address the theme of religion by comparing and contrasting the artists and will show that though religion was the eternal pool of inspiration for both, it was ‘religion through art’ for Michelangelo and ‘art through religion’ for Carravaggio…
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Religion through Art: Comparing Michelangelo and Caravvagio
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Download file to see previous pages The realist style of Caravaggio was diametrically opposite to the classical idealism of Michelangelo. He even used a prostitute as the model to draw Virgin Mary (Johnson). Almost all his religious works were dark and sinister moments from religious myths and texts but the intensity and drama with which he created them was irresistible for even his worst critic (Johnson). But in Pieta and in all other religious works of Michelangelo, it can be seen that perfection becomes an extension of faith. By avoiding all the unnecessary ornamentations, the attempt of the artist is to visualize pure faith. Pieta is younger than her age in the Michelangelo painting showing her divine ageless stature. But cupid is with dirty toe nails in the painting by Carravaggio. St. Peter is a bald man in Carravaggio’s painting while the depiction of nudity in Michelangelo’s paintings were an attempt to raise the divine figures above the human realm. At the same time, the presence of imperfections on the bodies of sacred figures in Carravaggio’s paintings were a negation of the divine....
Michelangelo was a man of faith in his real life while Carravaggio was a murderer and trouble-maker who was not at all keen about his own spirituality. A. The reformation ideas could influence Michelangelo only because he was a man deeply concerned about the truth of life and spiritual self-realization. Caravaggio, being never followed the path of the faithful, could approach his work without bothering about religious value systems even when his works were on religion. It is this attitudinal difference that gets reflected in both the artists’ works. Examples 1. Michelangelo has drawn in, his own face in Last Judgment, to visualize the face of a saint 2. Carravaggio has given his resemblance to villainous characters in his paintings, instead. B. Michelangelo has glorified religious figures in his paintings while Caravaggio has demystified them. 1. Pieta younger than her age in painting by Michelangelo 2. Cupid with dirty toe nails in painting by Carravaggio 3. St. Peter is a bald man in Carravaggio’s painting 4. The depiction of nudity in Michelangelo’s paintings were an attempt to raise the divine figures above the human realm 5. The presence of imperfections on the bodies of sacred figures in Carravaggio’s paintings were a negation of the divine. IV. Michelangelo put the divine in a realm above human experience in his paintings while Carravaggio mixed the sacred with the profane. A. All the faces and figures of Michelangelo are perfection personified while all the characters in Caravaggio’s paintings are drawn from real life and hence imperfect. 1. The frozenness that is felt in Pieta 2. The youthfulness on the face of Pieta 3. the constant motion that is felt in Carravaggio paintings B. Both the artists ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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