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Mobile telephone ( listening and reading, with vocabulary ) - Assignment Example

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Listening, Reading and Vocabulary Log Worksheet Topic: Mobile telephone Sources: The importance of mobile phones, 2011, viewed 30 March, 2011, The importance of cell phones, 2011, Viewed 30 March, 2011, …
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Mobile telephone ( listening and reading, with vocabulary )
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Download file to see previous pages In cases of emergencies such as accidents, mobile phones can be used to call the police. On the other hand, mobile phones also provide us with entertainment such as music or videos and they are also capable of storing a lot of data such as music videos, contacts as well as pictures. The mobile phones also have other applications such as word, spreadsheets, internet, alarm, camera, convertors and many other functions. As such, I chose this topic because mobile phones help us in different ways in our daily lives. 2 What was it about? Both the video and the article selected are about the importance of mobile phones in our lives. The video uses attractive pictures of the cell phones which show different models of phones available on the market. The video shows different types of cell phones and specific features about them and the article in particular outlines the important functions of cell phones. 3 Did you read or listen first? Why? Do you think the order you chose helped you or not? How many times did you need to read & listen before you felt confident about understanding the topic and vocabulary? How do you feel about this topic, e.g. positive or negative feelings? Do you agree/disagree with the ideas?” I listened and watched the video then proceeded to read the article. I repeated the process so as to get a clear understanding of the message presented in the article as well as the video clip as well. The vocabulary used in the video and the article is very simple. I did not find any new word that was confusing since the vocabulary used was easy to understand. I felt confident after reading the article and watching the video. This topic is very interesting and I have positive feelings about it given that some of us cannot live without cell phones. I have also discovered that cell phones have become an important part of our lives since we can use them to communicate or perform other work since they have many functions similar to computers. In the modern day, we use mobile phones to do a lot of things which are related to our work and social needs. I agree with the ideas suggested in the video and the article about the importance of mobile phones. 4. Did you learn anything new from this reading & listening? What? Since I also use a mobile phone on a daily basis, I did not learn anything new about this topic. 5. Was this topic connected in any way to your future studies and if so, how do you think you can find out more about it? Somehow, the topic is connected to my future studies since I use the mobile phone to perform a lot of functions such as researching different subjects related to my area of study. 6. What was easy/ difficult about it? The topic was easy to understand since the article was written in simple terms and was straight forward. The video also showed attractive images and it explained in detail the advantages of using a mobile phone in our lives. I realised that the mobile phones can enable us to reach people in different parts of the world from anywhere. We use cell phones every day so I did not discover anything new about this topic. I can safely say that the topic was not difficult in any way. 7. Which was the more challenging aspect, the reading, or the listening? Why? There was nothing so challenging in reading the article and watching the video. The article in particular outlined more details that were clearly explained ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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