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Sports and Children - Research Paper Example

It is something that he will enjoy. It should not be stressful. It is fun because they get to play with other children who are in the same age range. In ice hockey, kids of different age groups are classified into different categories such as mite (8 yrs. old and under 8), squirt (10 yrs. old and under 10), peewee (12 yrs. old and under 12), bantam (14 yr. and under 14), midget minor (16 yrs. old and under 16), and midget major ((18 yrs. old and under 18) (Nakate, par.3). Because of sports, children will have new friends aside from playing with their current friends too. Aside from that, for some hockey players family bonding is increased because their whole family sometimes goes with them on training and watches their games too. Sports are fun too because of the excitement it brings. It is not just about winning but how you play the game. Sports give joy to kids because they get a sense of fulfillment. If the child is not having fun, maybe it is a sign that he should consider other sports. It is the responsibility of the parents to watch out for those signs. Learn new skills Getting into sports will help a child learn new skills. He can learn new skills in the sports that he is into. For example, if a kid gets into ice hockey, the skills that he needs to develop are flexibility, muscle strength, endurance, balance and coordination (Halleck, par.4). A goalie should be very fast and must know how to maneuver his way to prevent the opponent’s puck from getting into the goal. Social skills

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Coaching youth sports
Like most other activities, it also reflects some of the very significant needs and wants of human life. Out of various factors that drive a young athlete’s strong desire to indulge in sports are fun, joy, entertainment, health, competition, winning, parental and peer acceptance etc.
6 pages (1500 words)Research Paper
How sports affect children in a positive way

This essay discusses that to bring positive change in a child, the parent must keep him involved in the sport. It can be concluded emphatically that the sport affects the child definitely positively. The influence on the mind of the child is undeniably high.  The positive effects that can come up in a child on the account of sport are summarized in the paper.

6 pages (1500 words)Research Paper
How Can Sports Help Kids
Children of this modern age have been reported to be unhealthy and inactive, and this has raised a lot of questions to whether their parents or teachers are to blame. Sports are an extreme, significant feature in the development of children of all ages. Majority of the children in the age bracket of 5-16 years involve themselves in various sports activities.
4 pages (1000 words)Research Paper
How Children Playing Sports Contributed to a Well-Rounded Child
A fully developed child possess ethical values together with creative skills and has the ability to identify and explore his or her talents and use them effectively for his or her own good. However, it is important to note children in their early stages of development are normally very active and energetic.
6 pages (1500 words)Research Paper
High School Sports
Why?? There was no evidence or no proof. It is crucial to have supporting evidence as it reinforces the statement/thesis, captures the attention of the audience and gives them a better understanding. It also makes the writer’s work sound more credible
1 pages (250 words)Research Paper
How sports affect children in a positive way
A young human being below the age of full physical development is generally termed as “child”. If we carefully study and experience a child, we find that there are many characteristics and attributes which
5 pages (1250 words)Research Paper
Ethnography interviewing Parents who encourage their children to play aggressive sports
Two parents were interviewed for this project, and a statistically significant sample size of 30 parents were given a questionnaire about parents whose children play aggressive sports—in order to corroborate evidence supporting the
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How can sports help kids
I think basketball is the leading form of sport in which a substantial percentage of children have involved themselves. Not all sporting
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I learnt there are many aspects to drag racing, prominently the commercial and technological facets to the sport. What follows is my response to the short documentary. I learnt the reasons why Hotroders
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Effects of Sports Participation Enjoyment on Self-esteem and Body Image
The two are essential feelings that influence self-confidence thus the relationship that people form with others. Youths all over the world undergo unique developmental stages some of which face identity crisis. This influences the kind of
4 pages (1000 words)Research Paper
are also developed. Team sports such as basketball, volleyball or ice hockey helps develop camaraderie among the members. Teamwork is not only important in sports. Later on as adults, this skill will prove to be very helpful in the corporate world or in whatever job they will get into. Physical development The obvious positive effect of sports in a child is in his physical development. It enhances his health and fitness (Stewart, par.6). Instead of spending all day inside the house and doing computer games, he is able to breathe some fresh air and enjoy the warmth of the sun. This is a way of combating obesity which is on the rise because of the sedentary lifestyle of kids nowadays. In ice hockey for example, the players are in constant motion so the fitness factor is there (Holecko, par.11). Psychological development Sports do not only help in the physical development of the child, it has a positive effect on the psychological development of a child as well. Studies have shown that engaging in sports prepares the child in life’s various struggles. According to Eddie Hendersen, a retired U.S. soccer player, “Life sometimes involves competition! We compete for jobs, work, and a better life! Through sports, children can learn about setting goals and accomplishing goals! They will many times deal with adversity!” (America.gov, par. 17). Sportsmanship is an attribute that can develop in an individual who is into sports. This attribute will not be useful only in competitive sports but also in all aspects of life. The other psychological effect of youth sports on children is that it enhances their self-image and they develop more confidence and self-respect (Stewart, par.5). Parents as well as schools should work hand in hand in encouraging children to go into sports. As discussed above, sports have a lot of positive effects on children. Both the parents and the school administrators should be all out in supporting the various


Date Sports and Children Children today are being encouraged to take on sports. Schools have different sports programs to help get the interest of children in sports. They are doing this because several studies have found out that sports have positive effects on children…
Sports and Children
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