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On Coronary Heart Disease and Chinese herbal formulas and/or specific herbs to help and/or prevent - Research Paper Example

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Coronary heart disease has become one of the major causes of morbidity and mortality in the United States. With the increased rates of obesity and intake of processed and high cholesterol foods, this issue will likely continue to prevail in US society. …
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Research on Coronary Heart Disease and Chinese herbal formulas and/or specific herbs to help and/or prevent
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Extract of sample "On Coronary Heart Disease and Chinese herbal formulas and/or specific herbs to help and/or prevent"

Download file to see previous pages 1). According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) CHD is the most common type of heart disease in the US with about 445,000 individuals in 2006 alone dying from the disease. There are different suggested interventions for CHD, these interventions range from the field of traditional medicine to that of complementary and alternative medicine. In the traditional medicine field, conventional treatments like heart medications and surgery are being implemented. Interest in the field of complementary and alternative medicine has also been raised. In this regard, Chinese herbs and Chinese herbal formulas have been considered in the management and treatment of coronary heart disease. These herbs have been known to help in the stabilization and/or prevention of CHD and its associated symptoms. This paper shall discuss how these Chinese herbs and herbal formulas can help with the management of CHD with particular attention to how they assist in the stabilization of this disease. ...
2). In order to manage its symptoms, medical practitioners advocate for a healthy lifestyle. Healthy lifestyle is based on a healthy diet (low in fat, with fruits and vegetables); on exercise; on moderate alcohol; and a no smoking lifestyle. Medical treatment for this disease involves the administration of aspirin for the reduction of risks of clot; beta-blockers which decreases the heart rate and blood pressure; nitroglycerin which reduces chest pain and decreases the heart’s oxygen requirement by dilating arteries; calcium channel blockers which dilate coronary arteries; ACE inhibitors which dilate blood vessels; statins which reduce lipids in the blood (WebMD, p. 4). Medical procedures include cardiac catheterization for blocked arteries; coronary angioplasty; stenting; atherectomy, and bracytherapy (WebMD, p. 6). These remedies can however still be insufficient in relieving the symptoms and managing the disease. The Chinese herbal options shall now be discussed. Based on a variety of studies, Chinese herbs and herbal formulas can help in the management of CHD. Chinese herbal medicines have various uses and a combination of herbs have been considered in the treatment of this disease. Chi shao yao or red peony root is said to eliminate heart stasis and invigorate the blood; dan shen (red sage) is considered a tonic for the blood and helps improve its movement through the heart; dang gui (angelica) invigorates the blood and strengthens it; nui xi (Achyranthes root) removes blood stasis and revives the blood; and zhi ke (bitter orange) improves the flow of qi through the heart (AltMD). A combination of herbs is used in order to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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