The story teenage wasteland by anne tyler - Book Report/Review Example

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English 25 March 2011 Book Review & Summary of Teenage Wasteland Teenage wasteland is a storybook by Anne Tyler, which mainly emphasizes on the problems faced by teenage absconders. The story emphasizes on the emptiness and the hollowness that has become a part of all modern teens in the recent days…
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The story teenage wasteland by anne tyler
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"The story teenage wasteland by anne tyler"

Download file to see previous pages The book is a clever combination of pure accomplice research and personal experience. The book is not describing the setting; rather it focuses on making the book interesting by describing emotions of the mother and child instead. The popular short story writer, Anne Tyler born on October 25, 1941 (Liukkonen) has tried to surface these situations and has provided with suitable causes of the problems faced by teens and all possible solutions to overcome them. She usually depicts characters existing already in tough situations in which they are not jolly and they therefore seek for changes. The problem faced in the novel is a general human predicament, which all people face these days. People often tend to blame the teens for their illogical and reckless behavior and completely avoid the role of their parents. The role of the parents can have immense effect and impact on their lives and characters of the children. The story portrays a jagged connection between Daisy Coble and her callous son. Donny wishes to live a life free from rules and regulations, on the contrary, his mother feels that if he is restricted to very little freedom, then she could mould out a better person from him over time. Anne Tyler keeps describing the wobbly rapport between the two until eventually Donny escapes from his mother as well as his life. The book looks into the inexplicable suicides, which take place in small town in Bergenfield situated in New Jersey. Characters Portrayed in Teenage Wasteland The story revolves mainly around two characters and describes the rocky connection between a mother and her son. The mother is Daisy and she is sensitive to her child’s problems but fails to understand them by all possible means. Whereas Donny is the son, who is referred to as a “problem child”, hardly communicates with his mother. Daisy is depicted as a person full of actions and feelings. She starts to grow confidence in her child but eventually he tails off again and this loss of her gives an impression of our loss as well. She may not be considered as the best parent but she is surely not to be referred as the worst too. She is very self-conscious and considers herself to be judged only on her appearance and not on her actual abilities. The story divulges a deficiency in communication, stances of meagerness and poor parental control. Donny has been described as a young teenage boy having blond hair, which is cut shorter than most other children have. A small little cowlick always stood up to grasp the radiance. As time passed, Donny’s hair became darker and he preferred to keep it longer, even longer than his collar. Donny feels extremely constrained by his parents in regards of his scholastic works. He feels that they are too harsh on him and expect a lot from him. His mother, Daisy, considers him lazy, boisterous and troublesome. Conflict Represented in Teenage Wasteland The main character Daisy is depicted as a person (a parent) who fears and worries the reason and result of her son Donny’s problems. She goes through hurdles as an inexperienced and susceptible parent. She is a sensible and sensitive mother who becomes sensitive toward her child when she discovers that he is not doing well in his academics. It is through this family that we get to know the predicament of the family and it helps one to decide as to who was in fault towards Donny’s situation. Teenage Wasteland in a Gist The story begins with ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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