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Word autobiographical - Research Paper Example

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To start with, race relations are always imperative and none other than a workplace setting. This is one of the scenarios which I faced some time back when I witnessed racial disparities to come about within my organization where I was completing my six-week internship. …
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Word autobiographical research paper
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"Word autobiographical"

Download file to see previous pages I saw that people were being mistreated because they belonged to a different race altogether. The differences stemmed from the fact that there was less empathy for one another and more emphasis on one’s own self. This paper explains how racial relations are dealt with in an organizational setting and how value would be derived from different agendas that the people have had during this scenario. Moving ahead with the discussion at hand, the members of this community, which is essentially an organization, are more or less like me. They are different in the sense that they are from varied backgrounds and hence their understanding and behavioral levels are slightly distinctive. The members of the organization are undertaking the same tasks as I am and hence in a number of ways they are very similar to how I work and how I spend my life. This is an important understanding because my organization has hired individuals who are much like me and who know how to strike big with the changing organizational norms and routines. Furthermore, the leaders within the organization treat distinctive people of the racial differences in varied ways. They do not have any uniformity within their ranks and there is a definitive racial divide that is existent within the workplace settings. I am being treated differently than the ones who are from other sides of the city as this is something that does not go down well with the employees. Nearly every one of these employees has an issue or the other with the way the leaders manifest their point (Hindes, 2009). All of them believe that sanity can prevail if the leaders mend their ways and start doing the right thing at the right time. The role of the leaders under such racial discussions is an important one if they realize the same. If they do not understand the gravity of the situation that has come about within the workplace realms, then it is about time that they should start getting their point across to the concerned individuals. Race is such a critical and sensitive issue that it cannot be taken for granted, and especially by the people who are in significant positions, like the leaders themselves. It would be correct to state here that the other people present within the workplace settings have biased perspectives. This is because they believe it is up to them as to how they shape up racial discussions. It is a fact that they treat people in a number of different ways, all of which are based on their thinking realms. They treated the Blacks as people who are under them, no matter if they senior to them. They treat the Asians shabbily because they are from a third world region. I am also treated differently as I belong to a totally different race and I have felt that under certain occasions and situations, they treat me in a way that is unbecoming of them as well as my own self. I am of the opinion that such stigmas should be done away with because they are not at all in the better interests of the organization from the long term scheme of things. As far as the organizational rules and policies are concerned, there are clear cut instructions as to how racial biasness should be avoided and the manner in which they should be dealt. There is absolute discouragement for racial talks, discussions, slurs and the like, but then again nothing is being promulgated in true letter and spirit within the organization (Carter, 1997). I believe this is because the human resources management department is not playing its due role in a quantifiable manner. If this department knew that such racial problems could arise, proper steps would have been taken to avoid the same. However, this seems to be something which is apparent now than ever before in the history of the organizatio ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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