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Linear equation, an important concept in algebra was invented by Rane Descartes. Descartes was born in 1596 in France. He studied mathematics from the book of Culvius. …
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Linear Equations
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"Linear Equations"

Dependent and Independent Variables analysis started developing thereafter. Linear models formation was naturally a next step further for the solution of several real life issues. (A Brief History) Linear equation concept gave birth to the dependent and independent variables. Linear equation shows a relationship between two variables but we need to go one step further how the relationship between two variable forms. As we know solving any mathematical problem needs the statement of known variables to determine the values of unknown variables. Variables are those parameters that keep changing in any system under the study. Every single phenomenon in nature is made of several variables. More the variables, more difficult it becomes to model its behavior and predict the outcome from the incident. If these variables are segregated in dependent and independent variables, it becomes easier to develop a model and predict the outcome....
Mathematically, it can be written as E ? 1/H The use and understanding of dependent and independent variables help us do graphical analysis. Values of independent variables are drawn along X-axis, while values of dependent variables are plotted along the Y-axis. This helps us visualize the relation between two variables clearly. Dependent and Independent Variables in Science Science has been working toward the exploration of the nature for several centuries. Essentially, science tries to find the relationship between dependent and independent variables. For example, the Einstein gave the equation of E=m where c is the velocity of light and m is the mass of the matter. Energy produced is a dependent variable and mass is an independent variable. More the matter available, more the energy can be produced; however, relationship is not linear and energy produced is not proportionate but increases by the square of velocity of light. This algebraic presentation shows the relationship in the form of an algebraic equation that helps us understand its implications in larger scale. In fact Einstein’s equation opened the door for nuclear energy with its uses for the benefit and destruction both. Contribution of different mathematical branches in understanding the science and technology has been immense helping mankind to build a better life. (Dependent and Independent Variables) Linear Models: The understanding of the dependent and independent variables help formulate linear models. In actuality, real life experience tells that there are hosts of independent variables, which influence dependent variable. Thus a need of formulating some mathematical model arises that can be used to measure the effect of these independent variables with some degree of Read More
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