In what cases is U.S. military intervention in other countries justifiable In what cases is it not - Research Paper Example

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Name of author: Justification of U.S. military intervention in other countries United States is currently engaged in wars with many other countries in different parts of the world in the name of war on terror. Iraq was attacked by US twice in recent times; one by Bush Sr…
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In what cases is U.S. military intervention in other countries justifiable In what cases is it not
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"In what cases is U.S. military intervention in other countries justifiable In what cases is it not"

Download file to see previous pages In any case, America is fighting with other countries all the time one way or other. It is difficult to justify all these wars conducted by United States. The Afghanistan war can be justified up to certain extent because of the brutalities committed by the Muslim fundamentalist group Taliban. Moreover, America has support from the existing Afghanistan political regime in destroying Talibanism from Afghan soil. However, same thing cannot be said about the recent Iraq war. It was conducted against the will of the political administration in Iraq. Moreover, the reasons cited for attacking Iraq were rejected by other countries. The theory of weapons of mass destruction was indigestible to other countries. America is still struggling to justify Iraq war since they failed to seize any weapons of mass destruction from Iraq. This paper analyses in what cases is U.S. military intervention in other countries is justifiable and in what cases is it not. On March 20, 2003 America with the help of its allies attacked Iraq, accusing Iraq for the possession of illegal chemical, biological and nuclear weapons or weapons of mass destruction. Moreover, America explained to the world that the possession of such serious weapons may cause immense threat to the global peace. However, even after the execution of Saddam Hussein, American troops failed to seize any such weapons from Iraqi soil. ...
It is illegal to attack a country for exploiting its natural resources. Sovereignty of a country should be respected in order to keep global peace intact. It is fact that most of the Middle Eastern countries including Iraq were administered by some dictators. However, spreading of democracy through war cannot be justified under any circumstances. Bush Jr. spent billions of dollars just for saving the pride of his father. The current financial crisis is believed to be the by-product of Iraq war. In other words, Iraq war not only affected the Iraqi people, but it affected the Americans also. Many of the American soldiers sacrificed their lives in Iraq in their efforts to bring peace back in Iraq. The cost of Iraq war can be better analyzed with the help of following illustration. (Cost of Iraq War and Nation Building) “According to an article by Stephen Gowans, the US command knowingly violated Article 54 of the Geneva Convention which prohibits any country from undermining objects indispensable to the survival of (another country's) civilian population" (Abuelo). Iraq war resulted in large scale looting and criminal disorder, especially in Baghdad and Basra. Coalition forces were quite unable to maintain public order and the Iraqi police forces largely withdrew from the major centers of population (Rogers, p.13). In other words, the coalition forces failed to keep their word they given to the external world; a peaceful Iraq without Saddam. In short, Iraq war or America’s intervention in Iraq could not be justified under any circumstances. The reasons cited for the wars were illogical and Americans forced pay big prices for this war in the form of big expenditure and the sacrifice of the lives of many of its people. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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