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Marketing Design and Innovation - Dissertation Example

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Marketing Design and Innovation Table of Contents 1.0.Introduction 3 2.0.Synthesis and Review of Literatures 4 2.1.Change in terms of Style 5 2.2.Change in terms of Fashion and Customer Preferences 7 2.3.Patents and Licences 8 2.4.The Case of Sony 9 3.0.Analysis 12 4.0.Conclusion 15 References 16 Bibliography 19 1.0…
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Marketing Design and Innovation
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Download file to see previous pages In other words, it was just a newfangled version of radio with visual device. But today, television sets have numerous features from stylish design to innovative facilities. This paper is entitled to recognise the changing characteristics of television since its invention in early 1900s. In this context, the changing characteristics can be easily identified in the history of television industry. Its shape, colour, sharpness, feasibility, and customer choices have changed rapidly over time. The customers’ choices, their preferences, competition and technological progression can be identified as the main drivers of innovation in this case. The discussion of the paper concentrates on the grounded theory and marketing theory to identify the various changing characteristics of television. 2.0. Synthesis and Review of Literatures According to Doyle (1998), innovation, as a marketing strategy, has several times proved to be the key factor to reward success to many businesses. It is also considered to be as the path of attaining higher growth in terms of sales, market shares and others. However, innovation can be referred to as the development of a newly designed product, marketing channels and marketing concepts. Thus, innovation in marketing can be stated as one of the crucial elements to achieve an efficient competitive advantage and growth (Bridgewater & Doyle, 1998). This statement can be well-observed in the case of television industry where analysts claim to witness an extraordinary chain of innovations which brought about changes in shape, colour, size and other features of the genre. For instance, Lachenbruch (1964) stated that in its performance from 1953 to 1956 the television industry reached its maturity similar to radio and phonograph industries. It was the period when almost every household in America had a television set in their living room and thus sales of television begun to fall. By that period, a new version of television was introduced to the market, i.e. colour TVs. This innovation again took the industry to its growth (Lachenbruch, 1964). These kinds of evidences can be witnessed in almost every stage of the industry, especially in terms of style and technology. This shall be evidently identified in the further discussion. 2.1. Change in terms of Style The introduction of television can be identified in the early 1920s when television was presented in two broad paths; one as mechanical and the other as electronic. The mechanical television set was invented by Charles F. Jenkins in 1923. These types of sets were primarily indentified as a 30 line television and used a mechanical framework to produce images on the screen through a spinning disc. The formula was then implied by General Electric in 1928 and used a 24 line television set with a 3 inch screen to display five different frames in a second. In 1927, another scientist, Philo T. Farnsworth invented television which was entirely based on electricity and did not use any kind of spinning discs or other similar devices. Instead of its mechanical framework, the television set used an image dissector tube. Another speciality of television set was that it could display almost 120 lines with the speed of 24 frames in a second in comparison to the mechanical television set of Jenkins and General Electronics. It was in 1929 when Herbert Ives first introduced a 50 ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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