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Drugs in the UK - Research Paper Example

However in addition to heroine and cocaine, cannabis, and ecstasy are other drugs widely taken by diverse demographic groups in the United Kingdom. This essay expounds on the punitive measures imposed on cocaine, ecstasy and cannabis drug offenders in United Kingdom. According to Baker et al the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 is enacted in the United Kingdom to prevent the use of certain drugs for other reasons, besides medical purpose. This act controls the use of drugs that are currently used in medical practice and those that are not applied. The United Kingdom law stipulates three major crimes connected with illegal drug in the country. These crimes include possession of an illegal drug, possession with the intention of supplying to others and supply. In spite of these classifications, Almond notes that the penalties and definitions for the crimes are controversial because legal and police officers reserves the right to interpret in any way they deem fit. To enforce this law, police officers are empowered to detain, stop and search any person that they suspect of possessing the illegal drug. When a person is caught in possession of an illegal drug, the charge depends on the quantity of the drug, the type of drug, the age of the offender and whether the person is a first offender or not. The Misuse Drugs Act classifies controlled drugs into three classes, namely class A, B and C. Class A consists of drugs such as, LSD, heroine, cocaine, ecstasy and some other illegal drugs that can be injected

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The War on Drugs and the War on Terrorism
The two issues destroy the pillars of the society, potentially destroying inter community and intra community relations. For several decades, the fight against these two issues has been of great concern to media. This war on drugs and terrorism began actively in the twentieth century when the two issues began to significantly affecting the societal setup in various communities.
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Drugs in Teenagers
The next section proves that drug addiction can be prevented by the help of family oriented programs, school oriented programs and community oriented programs. In addition, scientific ways to confirm drug addiction are essential to provide effective treatment to the needy. Prescription medicine abuse must be considered seriously because it leads to drug addiction in future. Furthermore, combination of different types of treatment methods can save the teenagers from the clutches of drug addiction and related problems.
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War on Drugs
Moreover, it is wrong to surmise that making drugs illegal leads to an increase in their abuse. This statement can be established by comparing the number of alcoholics to the number of drug abusers. The former are much larger in number, and this drives home the fact that legalizing drugs would lead to a much larger number of drug addicts. A telling example is provided by the enactment of the US Narcotics Act of 1914, which resulted in a major decrease in the number of drug users (Clark).
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Development of New Drugs for Cancer Patients
More significantly, cancer has been attributed to cause millions of new diagnoses worldwide besides the high record of deaths associated with cancer complications.More so, the current medical research centers remain revolutionized with increased technological developments for new drugs (Savage, 2010). As the medical research centers, remain interested in innovations of new drugs for cancer treatment it would be ideally effective and considerate to assist many patients who have been diagnosed with cancer.
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Prescription drugs
The patient’s right to information and his active participation in the diagnosis and treatment of his disease are the clear positive arguments in favor of such advertising. The main argument against such advertising is the risk of self medication with prescription drugs without clear awareness of the harmful side effects.
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The war describes set of programs pursued by US administration starting with the Nixon administration aiming at reducing the use of illicit drugs in the US.The hallmark of the policies involves increasing supply disruption strategies that have been favored as opposed to demand curtailment. However, the Obama administration is yet to establish a definitive break with previous drug policies of the previous administrations.
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This may not be the case since there is a whole range of diversity of drugs from medicinal drugs, legal and illegal drugs. Drug consumption has its pros and cons depending on the motive of the consumer. When used under medical prescription, it has a lot of
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As human society progressed and gained a more scientific understanding of how drugs affect our body, we were able to learn how to synthesize synthetic versions of the drug. Some of these were deemed for medicinal
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In the chapter, there is also coverage on the history of drug and use. The section shows reasons in the past for the drug use. The chapter also addresses the challenges that exist in determining the extent of drug use. One of the reasons stated is
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Should the length of time for prescription drug patents be reduced to encourage the entry of generic drugs If not, what would
463). When the protection patent term of the originator product expires, submissions may be filed by other manufacturers to the regulatory authorities to get marketing of the originator medicine’s generic versions approved. The choice
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into the body. Class B includes drugs such as amphetamines, phocodine, cannabis, methylphenidate, barbiturates and codeine. Finally, class C comprises of drugs such as minor tranquilizers, some painkillers and anabolic steroids. (Bunting, & Kelly, 1998, pp23-25). Class A drugs are regarded as the most dangerous under the Misuse of Drugs Act in the United Kingdom Almond (2010). In this respect, possessing and supplying the drugs attracts the heaviest legal penalty compared with drugs in class B and C. According to Baker et al (2001, p 16), the legal penalty of possessing cocaine with intention of supplying is indefinite fine and life imprisonment. If charged for possessing cocaine, the maximum sentence is seven-year imprisonment and undefined fine (Almond, 2010). However, it depends on the amount of cocaine in your possession and the intended use. Since the police are empowered to prefer charges to any person possessing specific quantity of a controlled drug, cocaine is usually subject to more severe penalty even in very small quantities. In this regard, possessing just one gram of cocaine could result to a police officer preferring a charge of supplying. However, it depends with the region in the United Kingdom and disposition of the police officer. In some cases, police officers caution the person with the drug without arresting him or her. Baker et al (2001, p 17) noted that to avoid imprisonment, the accused people normally enroll in a court approved cocaine rehabilitation program. However, people caught with cocaine normally spend an average of three years in prison and a fine of about ?167 (Almond, 2010). Ecstasy is categorized in class A and the penalty is as severe as in the case of cocaine. The minimum quantity of ecstasy that could result to supply charge
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Drug abuse in the United Kingdom is one of the most challenging social problems. Over 33 percent people in the country have used illegal drugs in their lifetime, with over 10% admitting to have taken the drug in 2009…
Drugs in the UK
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