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Operating Systems and Networking - Assignment Example

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Background and Requirements The scenario is related to the branded beauty training organization that is operating in UK with 10 beauty shops. These shops are located at different locations across greater London. The staff consists of thirty employees and five hundred students who are probably enrolled for various beauty training courses…
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Operating Systems and Networking
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Download file to see previous pages To make computing technology effective, one of the leading giants, L'Oreal launched an online learning system for its 60,000 employees in 58 countries. The idea is to provide the employees an individual learning room. Moreover, in a broader context, the online system is designed to meet long term training requirements and expectations of L'Oreal employees. In addition, the online learning system will also support the functional requirements of the organization. The architectural benefit of the online system involves the creation of learning methods and tools including traditional classroom workshops, on job learning, distance learning, demonstration of training videos and creative learning of the web 2.0. Furthermore, the system will aid L'Oreal to modify and maintain training material whereas remaining elastic to meet training needs, that change from time to time (L'Oreal decides CERTPOINT is worth it for staff. 2009). Although there is no comparison of these two organizations, must an application operating on a computer network with loaded learning tools, will certainly add value to the company. The new network implementation will facilitate the company with intranet application, staff communication, and self-learning tools. The intranet application will aid in employees to communicate with each other via emails. The documentation is always a hassle when maintained manually, intranet application facilitates managed documentation with online filling of forms that can be saved in the hard drive or data storage. Moreover, sharing of these forms with almost anyone on the network is also an advantage. Furthermore, certain announcements and memos can also be received via email or on the dashboard of intranet applications. Information related to training center and student can be managed digitally, enabling the organization to maintain paperwork more efficiently. Online charts and graphs related to student performance, company performance, tutors performance and changes in higher management are viable on the site instantly that improves communication better within the employees. In addition, online surveys and suggestions are always considered due to efficient response and eliminate hassle of paper work (, Intranet - advantage, type, benefits, cost, Intranet applications, Designing an intranet, The cost of setting up and running an intranet ). Moreover, the computer network will provide shared resources and centralized administration. The shared resources may include videos and course material related to beauty training, which will assist students. Beauty Salons with IT Enabled Services Beauty Studio based in South Africa is aiding its employees and customer by Information technology integration. The business definition of the ‘Beauty Studio’ is “We are a established clinic that aim to provide clients with a professional service and a skilled touch” The salon covers almost all types of professional services including permanent makeup, lash extensions and ‘botox and filetrs’ (, Beauty Studio Salon). Moreover, the software incorporated in the salon is named as ‘body care gate’. This software is designed to cover beauty salon and spa facilitates with massage therapy software, practice software that is free in cost, it shares the feature of integration of customer data. Furthermore, billing, invoicing, scheduling appointments, monitoring receivables, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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