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ROBOTICS IN MEDICINE Robotics in Medicine Author Author Affiliation Date This paper presents the analysis of some of the prime aspects about robotics, which refers to the study of robots. This paper discusses the facts about how robotics has become a disruptive (positive) technology in the medical community…
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Robotics in Medicine
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ROBOTICS IN MEDICINE Robotics in Medicine Affiliation This paper presents the analysis of some of the prime aspects about robotics, which refers to the study of robots. This paper discusses the facts about how robotics has become a disruptive (positive) technology in the medical community. This paper discusses the fields of medical science those have been transformed through the use of robotics. This paper also outlines some of the main advantages those are presently attained through the robotics technology in the medical sector. A ‘robot’ is a reprogrammable, multifunctional machine intended to move material, tools, parts or particular devices through a variety of engineered motions for performing various tasks. While the study of these robots is called robotics and medical robotics is an interesting and emerging field which deals with the use of robots in medical field. In fact, the medical robotics is a latest emerging concept in the field of robotics which deals with the development of robots that can carry out a variety of medical tasks. Since the robots can be utilized in medical field to carry out ordinary jobs such as offering patient specimens and records to different departments of the hospital. However, a lot of people believe that medical robotics and surgical robotics are similar, but in reality robots can carry out a lot of different activities in medical clinics and hospitals. Over and above being somewhat exciting to see functioning, medical robotics has the capabilities to reduce burden on a lot of health care systems by automating medical activities and decreasing health care staff. In addition, they can also be extremely dedicated as well as help in examining and treating patients. However, robotics is a new field and there is still much more effort to be done, employing robots can improve medical sector in terms of both the convenience and standard of care. Furthermore, the use of robots can assist in diminishing human error and carrying extremely dedicated information to remote areas without entailing doctors to move (Dowling, 1996), (Newell, 2011) and (Smith, 2011) In every medical surgery, doctors are always struggling to offer minimal trauma, enhanced recovery time, and scarring. This can be attained through the minimally invasive surgery (MIS). The new robotic technology is as well aimed to reduce such risks and increase patient’s health (Museum of American Heritage, 2006). Thus, the use of new technology based intelligent robots is becoming essential in the medical sector in case when great accuracy and fragility are required, and the scope for mistake is very small. There are several useful areas of medical sector where robots are extensively used. For instance, surgery is a major field of medical where robots are capable to carry out important functions by simply creating little cuts. Thus, using robots in the surgery surgeons can be able to get a maximum advantage of the reduced pain, small curative period, and smaller amount of infections and a quicker ejection from the hospital. Furthermore, new intelligent robots are utilized to carry out heart surgical operation exclusive of tearing patient’s chests. Example of such intelligent robot is Da Vinci Surgical robot (Used-Robots, 2010). In addition, the robots are extensively utilized in education sector to teach the medical students about the surgery. For example, pregnant humanoid robots are used to teach as well as practice doctors along with students for a variety of birth difficulties (Used-Robots, 2010). Furthermore, the robots are also very helpful in managing the hospitals. They assure confidence that hospital appointments are small and the danger of sickness and infection is reduced (Used-Robots, 2010). According to (Mack, 2006), the robotics is a disruptive technology since it is not achieving that is expected from this technology. The worth of unique troublesome technology is eventually improved through the supporting technology as well as the capacity to overcome application erudition bends that pursue (for example portable telecommunications as well as digital picture making). At the present time robotics technology is utilized into medical community especially in clinical cardiac surgical procedure. The technology of robot is easy to use and it offers digital friendly user interface. These systems as well offer better support and ease of operating in the overall aspects of surgery (Mack, 2006) and (Schimpff, 2010). It is strongly assessed that robots are presently playing a significant role and their contribution is increasing day by day in existing medicine sector. Additionally, the new generation of robots are facilitating in providing guidance to the afterward generation of nurses, doctors as well as dentists to reassuring and caring aged patients in the premature phases of dementia. By means of robots, the current medical professionals are able to formulate minor cuts intended for small surgeries; minimizing hospital equipment as well as enhancing patients' diagnosis and cutting back huge expenditures. Moreover, the robots have become smaller and developers carry on incorporating the devices with artificial intelligence. In this way the medical area will incessantly enlarge the means in that it employs this technology to collect patients, enhance standard of life as well as avoid health issues. In another way this technology range covers medical schools those are presently extensively using such systems at imitate live patients' emotions of pain or else uneasiness to facilitate the next beckon of doctors as well as dentists organize to manage as well as treat a lot public all over the world. Certainly, models and corpses are not novel to the medical learners, however through offering students access to the susceptible patients, medical surgery as well as healthcare instructors expect to sharpen the bedside approaches of potential doctors and dentists (Diana, 2011). Medical robotics is an emerging field of medical science which deals with the use of robots in medical. This paper has discussed a comprehensive analysis of medical robotics. This paper has outlined the role of robots in medical. However, the progress in robotics is still very slow but we are expecting some development in near future. References Diana, A. (2011, January 29). 12 Advances In Medical Robotics. Retrieved February 03, 2011, from Dowling, K. (1996, August 19). What is robotics? Retrieved February 03, 2011, from Mack, M. J. (2006). Invited commentary . Retrieved February 02, 2011, from The Society of Thoracic Surgeons : Museum of American Heritage. (2006, May 01). Robots in Medicine. Retrieved February 02, 2011, from Newell, L. (2011). Medical Robotics. Retrieved January 29, 2011, from Schimpff, S. C. (2010, May 04). Medical Megatrends and the Future of Medicine. Retrieved February 02, 2011, from Smith, S. (2011). What Should I Know about Medical Robotics? . Retrieved January 31, 2011, from Used-Robots. (2010). Robots In Medicine. Retrieved February 02, 2011, from Read More
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