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Movie Reflection - Research Paper Example

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Movies: The Mirror Of The Myth And The Legends Name of the student and number Date submitted Introduction Cinema is a window to the world of fantasy, dreams, music and magic. It allows people to ‘live’ a dream like life through their favorite stars in the movie…
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Movie Reflection
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"Movie Reflection"

Download file to see previous pages People enjoy watching those movies which are close to their dream world. Hence, different people like different genres of movies. People who are dominated by emotions like romantic movies, people who take life lightly enjoy comedies and people who are aggressive love to watch action movies. Movies are nothing but a mirror of an individual mind which is shaped by cultural beliefs, rituals, social environment, religion etc. Hence, analyzing or interpreting a movie is not an easy job. People project their internal make up on movies and choose watching those movies which are compatible with their emotional and psychological make up. Moreover, movie is not just about stories. It involves technical aspects like script, screenplay, sound, technology, light etc., which viewers are not aware of (Gordon, 1975, p.99). Hence, one has to keep in mind the technical aspects of a movie while analyzing one. However, as human being is trained to analyze things on the basis of his own point of view, the factor that dominates the process of analysis is the internal psychological frame of mind of the analyst. This distorts the chances of analyzing a movie without prejudice and bias. Hence, an unbiased and honest analysis of a movie is possible only when the analyst is capable of being completely independent from projecting his personal ‘mind’ on the movie and, who understands the importance of the connection between the intention of the movie maker and the psychology of the audience for whom the movie is intended. Analysis And Interpretation Even though the words analysis and interpretation look similar in their meaning, there is a huge difference between them when they are applied to the art of understanding the movies (Metz, 2004, p. 7). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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