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The working class of Indian mens working in the field of Fashion - Dissertation Example

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The study explores The working class of Indian fashion Industry. Ways of dressing play a crucial role of defining social and religious identities and ethnic characteristics. Dressing finds a vital place in the world of fashion apart from other aspects such as hair styles and accessories…
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The working class of Indian mens working in the field of Fashion
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"The working class of Indian mens working in the field of Fashion"

Download file to see previous pages The study "The working class of Indian mens working in the field of Fashion" talks about The working class of Indian fashion Industry. With industrialization and mass production fashion got a new shape in the western world. Fashion industry has became more popular when combined with visual effects, that is through the art of photography which brings the outcomes of the designers to the doors of common people through different print media forms. on one hand photography makes the dresses and models all the more attractive and famous, while on the other, it makes the conceptual loopholes quite prominent. The 16 page editorial published in the Vogue Issue of August 2008 in India sees the new nation as a place where even the poor class takes to expensive brands and carries it off gracefully. Hence Vogue attempts to make fashion reach out to all classes of people instead of the wealthy ones or celebrities. The magazine published some photos of lower middle class people flaunting expensive branded clothes and accessories. However this kind of portrayal drew lots of controversy because the people modeling in the magazine belonged to the similar class, which witnessed suicides and poverty. What becomes prominent in this discussion is the strong influence of western culture or the cultural dependency witnessed by the Indian fashion industry. Yet, the same fashion trends which has been a pride of the glamour seeking people of the upper middle class and wealthy sections are now imposed upon. those working class people who are merely able to cover their cost of production of labor hours and some who are not even able to do so. They perhaps belong to the class of contractual or casual workers who thrive to make both ends meet. When we think of the designers and fashion photographers a finger might be raised at their sensitivity towards the human dignity. It hurts when one sees the contrast between the social status and the expensive brands. Why would a person thriving for bare survival want to use a Burberry umbrella? Even if we assume this might one day become an economically viable option, the individual might not decide to flaunt his money through these brands even if he can afford it. The middle class people working in the fashion industry (photographers, designers and editors of fashion magazines) need to be sensitive to the ethical viability of any form of art which represents fashion trends. This prompts us to ask the question: Can Vogue’s way of representing ‘new India’ support Realism or it is an example of Aestheticism in fashion photography? II. LITERATURE REVIEW This section attempts to discuss the theories of Realism and Aestheticism in visual art and how they apply to fashion photography in particular. Reviews of different literatures are covered to learn about the evolution of fashion industry in India and the works of different fashion photographers including the way they portray fashion in the daily lives of the society. The study incorporates details regarding the middle class people working in the fashion industry of India and how they portray culture and economy through their works. How the trends change along with the impact of globalization and economic upgradation. At the end of the review one might raise questions about ethics and priorities while portraying ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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