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Renewable Wind Energy - Literature review Example

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From the paper "Renewable Wind Energy" it is clear that the characteristics of wind power energy resource and its implications for reliable electricity are comprehended. Therefore, the value of wind power systems to electrical systems can be evaluated…
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Renewable Wind Energy
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Extract of sample "Renewable Wind Energy"

Download file to see previous pages The cost of wind power variability decreases with improvement in the utilization of wind power forecasting systems.
Ladenburg (2009) argues that the use of nuclear generators and gas supply led to the vast bulk of the UK’s demand for consistent electricity supply. As such, the UK is undertaking the establishment of renewable electricity generating systems in order to reduce gas emissions from fossil fuel electricity supply. High demand for a reliable source of energy in the UK results in the establishment of wind power systems to serve as the key component of renewable energy strategy (Ladenburg 2009). Therefore, focusing on the wind power systems as a reliable source of energy in the United Kingdom, this essay provides a review of literature in wind turbines infrastructure in the United Kingdom with respect to social, economic, and political issues.
The United Kingdom has a higher percentage of offshore wind worldwide. Due to such characteristics, the UK becomes an ideal location for all the offshore wind business (Bowen 2011). Bergmann, Hanley and Wright (2006) state that in order to provide a low-cost offshore wind, the supply chain in the United Kingdom increases its capacity and capability of providing offshore wind. There is also a high rate of inward investment in the region, and high expertise is present from overseas. The availability of expertise in the region makes it possible for the UK to attract more investments in the region (Bergmann, Hanley & Wright 2006).
Besides, United Kingdom is the largest wind market worldwide because it has the best wind resource in different nations such as Europe (Sinden 2007). As such, the UK has become one of the leading markets for electricity supply since it has increased the size of modern operations systems and secured modern investment. Bergmann, Hanley and Wright (2006) argue that the investment in wind turbines has made the UK be the strongest nation with strong business infrastructure and good environmental conditions, which enhance more expertise in the wind turbines manufacturing sectors.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Renewable Wind Energy Literature Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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