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Steady Increase in the Incidence of Diabetes - Coursework Example

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From the paper "Steady Increase in the Incidence of Diabetes" it is clear that prevention has been celebrated to be better than cure, diabetes can be prevented by embracing a healthy way of life. This should include a diet that is founded on healthy foods…
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Steady Increase in the Incidence of Diabetes
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Extract of sample "Steady Increase in the Incidence of Diabetes"

Download file to see previous pages In handling the project, I am going to provide more insight on Diabetes, thereby analyzing its significance in the United States and across various regions of the globe.
Diabetes Mellitus, usually stated as Diabetes, is a long-term health condition, characterized by a high glucose level in the victim’s blood. Diabetes can be brought about by two scenarios, the first being the failure of the cells of islet of Langerhans to produce insulin. In some instances, however, the islet cells produce insulin, but other metabolic cells of the body fail to make use of this insulin due to incompatibility. Diabetes is characterized by frequent urination, continuous hunger as well as an increasing level of thirst (Harris, 1998). Patients who suffer from diabetes are also likely to suffer from persistent fatigue as well as weight loss and even weight gain in some situations. In the advanced stages of diabetes, those who suffer from it are highly susceptible to coronary related complications such as heart failure, as well as sexual dysfunction across both genders.
According to the latest input from the American Diabetes Association (ADA), 29.1 million of the total American population suffers from diabetes. This translates to 9.3% of the American population and is an increase from the last assessment, in which 8.3%, which translates to 25.8 million of the American population was found to be suffering from Diabetes. The prevalence of Diabetes among the senior American population is higher as compared to any other age group (American Diabetes Association, 2014). This is because 25.9% of those who are above sixty-five years in age in America suffer from Diabetes. In as much as the number of those who suffer from diabetes within the United States remain considerably high, the latest input from the ADA points to the fact that the incidence of Diabetes has slightly gone down by a value of 200000 citizens from 1.9 million during the last assessment to 1.7 million. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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Steady Increase in the Incidence of Diabetes Coursework.
(Steady Increase in the Incidence of Diabetes Coursework)
Steady Increase in the Incidence of Diabetes Coursework.
“Steady Increase in the Incidence of Diabetes Coursework”.
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