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The carbonate pump refers to the precipitation and subsequent dissolution of carbonate constituents in bid to enable the transfer of anthropogenic carbon II oxide into and or out of the ocean through sea swap. On the other hand, the photic zone refers to that strength of light…
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Asign 4 mj
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Environmental Studies of affiliation Question 2 The carbonate pump refers to the precipitation and subsequent dissolution of carbonate constituents in bid to enable the transfer of anthropogenic carbon II oxide into and or out of the ocean through sea swap. On the other hand, the photic zone refers to that strength of light at which the rapidity of carbon IV oxide and or oxygen liberation equals the pace of consumption of the two atmospheric gases respectively. This involves making the process of photosynthesis possible.
The article on the Indian push for renewable energy comprises of the multidimensional strengths and weaknesses, which together constitute the validity and applicability of the content and approach of the author, to the Indian energy sector as well as the overall wellbeing of the world’s environmental demands. Thus, the critical analysis of the aforementioned heading entails an integration of the factual aspect of the anticipated energy implementations in India, as juxtaposed with the adverse consequences that emerges forthwith. In view of the duo consideration, one feel the weight of each concerning the subject matter, thus decision-making and value judgment becomes inevitable.
Question 3
At the epicenter of Indian steadfast push for renewable energy, lies the promise delivered by the Modi government to ensure development of a solar power production plant that can be in a position of supplying no less than energy equivalent to that consumable by one electric bulb across every home within the Indian Territory by the year 20191. This comes amidst statistical evidence projecting an explosion of Indian demand for energy doubling over the next two decades. Thus, the construction of the 4000-megawatt solar power plant in the Thar Desert is of crucial essence concerning the critical analysis of this article2. Nevertheless, the negative criticism of this landmark project comes handy in view of the adverse effects to flamingoes and other migratory birds that spend a better part of the winter at the wetland regions in close proximity.
Additionally, the Indian eagerness to fund massive wind power generating plants is as well in line with the push for renewable energy. Despite the fact that in India for instance, there is over 40% wind power installation in the state of Tamil Nadu, it remains unreliable for use by the people due to the unpredictability of the plummet and occasional augment of the winds, which cause grid destabilization.
Question 4
The carbon cycle represents a number of processes that together form the specific zones in which carbon IV oxide is stored. Of essence to note, are the three major sub sections that carry a considerable amount of carbon gases. First, the atmosphere contains approximately 46%, the oceans carry an estimated percentage of 28% and finally the terrestrial biosphere consumes the remaining approximate portion of 26%3.
As the climate system warms the concentration of the carbon IV oxide in the atmosphere will considerably increase forming an ever increasing layer of CO2 in the atmosphere which will continue trapping heat and redirecting it to all directions of the earth’s surface. Thus, the most vital processes under consideration in this question include; the dissolution of carbon IV oxide in water(solubility pump),the combined processes of respiration and photosynthesis also known as (soft tissue pump) and the carbonate pump or(precipitation process and carbonate particle dissolution)4. Climatic change comes with it automatic variations. For instance, because of the bigger universal carbon cycle, subsurface soil-like materials form in the underneath regions of the sea for over two years storing mammoth amounts of carbon and significantly reducing the amounts of carbon from the atmosphere. The above example is an epitome of carbon transfer from permafrost to earthly vegetation to microorganisms, to the atmosphere and then back to permafrost reservoir.
Question 5
Infrared radiation has a longer wavelength than visible radiation. However, Infrared is not transparent to glass, as opposed to visible light which is transparent to glass.
The bag was transparent to visible light and on the other hand, atmosphere is transparent to visible light but not to infra radiation. Carbon IV oxide does not influence the transparency of the atmosphere.
Shruti Ravindran. 2014. “India’s Push for renewable Resources: Is it Enough?” Geographical magazine, Sept, 20, 2014. Read More
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