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The extinction of Chinese Sturgeons - Research Paper Example

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Historically, this kind of fish is found in China and Japan. Named a National treasure, the Chinese sturgeon is strictly protected by the China Government. It dates back to the…
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The extinction of Chinese Sturgeons
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Download file to see previous pages This is considered the longest migration of up to 3200kms up the Yangtze River (Meadows).
Although the females can carry an excess of a million eggs in one cycle, their reproductive capacity in each cycle is very poor. They breed only three to four times in their lifetime with a survival rate to hatching at only 1% (Zhuang). As earlier stated the Chinese sturgeon is largely dispersed along the main streams of the Yangtze River and the coastal areas of Qiantang, Minjiang and also the Pearl River. The Chinese sturgeons feed on most aquatic animals for example the aquatic insects, larvae, diatoms and the humic substances. The Chinese sturgeon is highly sensitive to increased noise on the river which is caused by the growing river traffic and are generally vulnerable to death and injury by boat propellers (Chen).
The Chinese sturgeon has a habit of upstream migration; they migrate up rivers for reproduction once they reach sexual maturity. Most of the sturgeons will spawn in the fresh waters and then migrate to the salt waters to mature and breed their young. The primitive nature of the Chinese sturgeon sets it apart as a great academic interest in taxonomy and biology. It is for this reason that the Chinese government has devised ways to breed and preserve this endangered species. It is classified as China’s most protected Animals. In 1982 the Chinese Government built a Museum in the Chinese sturgeon institution which is used for artificial breeding procedures to try and preserve the endangered Chinese sturgeon, The Chinese Sturgeon Museum is located in a small island known as Xiaoxita in the Huangbo River within the district of Yiling. This reserve is one of Chinas several conservation programs that is geared towards the preservation of this endangered species (Birstein V).
To also reduce the threats against the Chinese sturgeons, the Government of china took the initiative of closing commercial fishing since the year ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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