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The paper "The Red Cedar Redevelopment" discusses the redevelopment plan that focuses on wider areas to incorporate all areas of community life such as environmental conservation, economic boost, comfort living through the construction of modern houses and tighten security…
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The Red Cedar Redevelopment
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The Red Cedar Redevelopment
The project aims at redeveloping the Red Cedar to make it more environmental and society friendly. The redevelopment plan focuses on wider areas to incorporate all areas of community life such as environmental conservation, economic boost, comfort living through construction of modern houses and tighten security. The purpose of the project is to practically show how coordinated and well thought development projects can improve all areas of community life and bring prosperity.
Arguments in support of the plan
1. Reverse water and environmental pollution while conserving wildlife. This leads to the introduction of local tourism such as bird watching
2. Boost the community’s economy by constructing a business park and tightening security.
3. Ensure community welfare by building modern residential houses, increasing security, and availing social amenities.
4. Tightening security through construction of a police complex to increase safety and raise investor’s confidence in investing in the community and thereby boost the economy
Arguments against the plan
1. The project is too costly and the community may not manage to raise the needed funds within the required time.
2. The project may not benefit all members of the community especially the old who object to the construction of new residential areas because they wish to age in a familiar environment.
3. Construction of a business complex doesn’t make much economic sense since the town is less densely populated.
4. Constructing a police complex is not sufficient security and more investment is needed, yet funds are insufficient.
The project aims at redevelopment to boost the economy, conserve the environment, increase security and quality of community life. The challenges include insufficiency of funds, resistance from the elderly and lack of economic rationale for construction of business complex since the town is not densely populated.
Work cited
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