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Suitable for specific locations: this poses the biggest challenge to the use of marine power. Its power originates from the wave, which is not viable to everyone. Landlocked countries cannot rely on the marine energy (Charlier & Finkl, 9).
2. Impact on Marine Ecosystems:…
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Marine energy
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Marine energy Negative things about marine energy Suitable for specific locations: this poses the biggest challenge to the use of marine power. Its power originates from the wave, which is not viable to everyone. Landlocked countries cannot rely on the marine energy (Charlier & Finkl, 9).
2. Impact on Marine Ecosystems: Though wave energy is clean, it creates hazards to marine life. Since large machines have to be put in position to harness the power, which disturbs sea floor, which results in a change of habitat for some sea creatures. There is also some danger posed by the chemical spillage from the machines, which pollutes the water near them (Charlier & Finkl, 10).
3. Creates disturbance for commercial and private vessels: The power plants, which gather the energy from the wave, are supposed to be put in place in the coastline. These power plants over some relative disturbance to the sea moving vessels such as cruise ships, cargo ships, beach goers and recreational vehicles (Charlier & Finkl, 11).
4. Wavelength: Wave energy highly depends on the wavelength that is the wave speed, water density and wavelength of the wave. They usually require a constant flow in order produce a significant quantity of energy. Some areas do not experience reliable wave behavior, and it tends to be unpredictable to forecast the right amount of energy expected (Charlier & Finkl, 9).
5. Visual and Noise pollution: Generators of wave energy tends to be unpleasant to the life of the coastal region. They tend to appear like great machines operating in the middle of the sea thus destroying the beauty of the ocean (Charlier & Finkl, 10).
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Charlier, Roger Henri, and Charles W Finkl. Ocean Energy. Berlin: Springer, 2009. Print. Read More
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Marine Energy Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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