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Description of Water Pollution Sources in Lake Victoria - Research Paper Example

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This research paper investigates the water pollution sources in Lake Victoria. The results of the research included the characterization of the lake basin with the different sources of pollution and their waste load contribution. The results mapped the average contribution of the three countries to the lake’s pollution in terms of industrial, domestic, agricultural, and atmospheric sources…
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Description of Water Pollution Sources in Lake Victoria
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Extract of sample "Description of Water Pollution Sources in Lake Victoria"

Download file to see previous pages Lake Victoria has a surface area of 68800 km2 hence making it the second largest lake in the world. Currently, the lake is characterized by eutrophication and low dissolved oxygen due to pollution from human activity (Scheren et al., 2000). The pollution load is mainly domestic in nature with little industrial pollution. The article tries to identify a reliable method to gauge this pollution in terms of intensity and quantity from the various sources. Since the lake shares among three nations, Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania, the research determines the pollution load from each side and the management policies in place and their effectiveness is curbing the pollution into the lake. The article also views policies for sustainable development useful in the region (Scheren et al., 2000).
The lead researcher and author of the article are M. Scheren. A member of The United Nations Industrial Development Organisation based in Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire (Scheren et al., 2000). The organization is responsible for monitoring and advising both the region and the United Nations Security Council on the effects of Industrial development on the environment.
The second Author, H.A. Zanting is a member of the Faculty of Technology Management and center technology for sustainable development in the Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands (Scheren et al., 2000). His expertise in sustainable development is key to the research as pollution due to increased human activity is an issue of sustainable development. A. M. Lemmens is a corresponding author in the research and often consulted on technical matters that require specialized opinion (Scheren et al., 2000).
The increased pollution of Lake Victoria is the recent past that has subsequently resulted in immense alterations in the chemistry and biology of the lake’s ecosystem necessitated the research. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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