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The life cycle assessment aimed at studying and establishing the impact that hamburger packages from McDonald, a fast food restaurant had on the environment (Razza et al. 2009). The alternative packages were; paper wrap and cardboard collar and porcelain dinnerware. An…
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Life Cycle Assessment of a Hamburger Package
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Life Cycle Assessment of a Hamburger Package What is the functional unit? Suggest an alternative functional unit. The life cycle assessment aimed at studying and establishing the impact that hamburger packages from McDonald, a fast food restaurant had on the environment (Razza et al. 2009). The alternative packages were; paper wrap and cardboard collar and porcelain dinnerware. An alternative functional unit suggestion for McDonald organization could be marketing strategy.
What life cycle dominates the energy consumption?
The fossil fuel.
What life cycle dominates for material flows?
Water, biotic resource
What is the largest contributor to material flows?
Water, the measure of the quantity of water used during the life cycle to produce primary or packaging system
The conclusion that the study reach about the alternative packages
The paper and cardboard option with unsorted waste uses the most harmful raw materials to the environment, it also creates the most enormous amount of solid waste yet it creates the least particulates and hydrocarbons. The reusable porcelain dinnerware which has a dishwashing system uses the most environmentally-benign raw materials. However, it produces massive amounts of particulates and hydrocarbons yet it has the least greenhouse gas emissions, least damage to aquatic life and least biodiversity loss
McDonald’s choice
The McDonald organization disputed the porcelain dinnerware and chose to use the paper and cardboard alternative.
Was it the right decision?
That was not the right decision since the paper and cardboard option had serious environmental effects. It uses harmful raw materials and creates massive solid waste.
After the assessment, it was found that porcelain dinnerware had lower environmental impact as compared to paper and cardboard alternative. This assessment may alter McDonald’s decision, and they may consider using the porcelain dinnerware alternative.
Razza, F., Fieschi, M., Innocenti, F. D., & Bastioli, C. (2009). Compostable cutlery and waste management: An LCA approach. Waste managements. Read More
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